Outside Our Present Terrain

Outside Our Present Terrain

Outside Our Present Terrain

Outside Our Present Terrain.

Good Day, Friends. A bless week to you! For I see you making progress, and living your life according to God fulfilment for you.

If you are not familiar to the Bible, you will understand the words of Apostle Timothy to you and I. 2 Timothy 1:6 “Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.”

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This verse is given to Timothy by the Apostle Paul, challenging him to come alive or restore vigor back to his spiritual walk with God.

It borders on the fact that Timothy like you and i Sometimes unconsciously and consciously become weary. So he writes to Timothy then, but now to you and i, for us to ‘stir up,’ which is to “Fan the remains of the fire within us.”

Let’s play with this thought alittle….

Life is a busy place, and a busy business which involves alot of intrusion and distractions that sways into our minds, our thoughts, our daily activities, our path and *we tend to mostly get distracted by the things we presently do not physically possess.*

What does he mean?

The thrill of something we haven’t yet walked into, gets us mesmerized so that whenever it comes our way, there’s every tendency for us to become shaken by it. How?

So the single person dreams of the day they’ll get married, becomes the lord and to a certain extent the controller of his/her home and possession. And with that in mind, sex and seeds extention also are the motive behind the desire. Mind you, it is not a sin thinking in accordance with our sexual make-up

So he drifts away from his present assignment within his thoughts, because the presently high and lofty thought of marriage, a job, money and travelling just breezes pass his mind. Now, he broods upon that present stranger like a hen sitting on it’s eggs pouring life into them, with an unconscious awareness he’s (or she’s) already taking a walk out of his (or her) terrain. Now drawn away of his own desires, he begins to drown…… hmmmm….

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Peter never drowned within his elements. For his elements are between the tangibles. But he drowned when he began to observe the intangibles i.e something ethereal, out of his domain. And so the fall begins for the man who has made an attempt to step into what he is promised by God to possess, but he’s not yet given because he is not yet ready for.

Am I speaking to someone?… but be reminded that this is the tale of distraction.

Today, like Peter, whose focus should be on what he was called to, when he was called out of the boat, (which for you and i should be our present level of life, attainment, vision, purpose and commitment), he stepped out of his terrain, to peep into something he isn’t yet prepared for, begins to drown, and for only alittle chance left, he cries for help….. so also, we will drown if we do not keep before us the miracles we are told to presently perform and explore, and consciously leave out the ethereal that we’re not yet ready for and have shifted our focus on.

Begin to fan the remains of the fire that was injected in you by the laying on of hands which is almost burning out. Be filled with the Spirit. 2 Tim 1:6

Credit: B.Noel