We live a civilized society were culture is being diminish daily and less appreciated! And majority of individuals would want to get it right in other to avoid being a victim to wrong society influence, in doing so the family is considered as the builder to our life foundation, i.e. the outcome of family influence in our lives to whom we are. How imperative to the fact that most individual do not understand the usefulness of family unity, and how it can also reform and impact social development in a nation. Most individual could as well posse every other quality of life and do not have some basic discipline and knowledge of what we call ‘positive family unity,’ relating it to the society. Which could serves as a common role to how we relate to people, whom we may have social dealings with.

While A family is define as a group of people who share common believe system and who are also related by blood. And in family unity is what sustain it relationship. Taking consideration of the word “Unity.” Everyone could have it own definition, but a simple definition of unity simply means “An undivided, unbroken, completeness or totality with nothing wanting.”

What is a society? An extended social group, having a distinctive cultural and economic organization. Now bringing the words together, family, unity and society has a stronger bound a compelling strength that a family can easily use to influence it society. I.e the family is a place where love, care, concern, goals and plans should be commonly shared within the family. The family is a place where issues should be easily overcome, when the need of assistance come up. Having said few words about family, unity and society, now considering the play of family unity to the society has much to do with nation building!

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Inside -out influence of family to the society Which if we relate to family terms describe what we become to the society is a culture of the internal family training . To what we definitely become outwardly to her nation, and this has to do with parents; branding their children/adult child for what they want them to be. Training your child, discipline them and nurturing them in they way they should go, that when they grow up they won’t depart from it to become rebels to the society. taking responsibility of what duties you have been ordained to do as parents to building a better society to which I group as:

1. Functions of a fatherly role to impact it society.

Every father has an important role to play in the society, and this begins by being an example to the children, to what will help the children have a strong view of what a family should become when they turn parents as-well. And as a father, you are there to guide your children, training them in the ways they should go, and not how they intend to grow. I will say, many fathers of this present age has leave their responsibility to their wife’s to discipline the children, which to my point of view could be part of the major reasons why some children do not recommend their father as role model to their upbringing. Even if they provide money. Money is important, but when it comes to building your children for the future to have positive attitude towards the society, you’ve to give them the appropriate discipline. I do not support child offence/abuse where parents should beat their offspring as if they are age mate, but you should apply every action of parental discipline with an attitude of love so as children should be bold enough to tell if they display inappropriate behaviors outside or in the home.

2. Functions of motherly role to impact it society positively. Here is my little fun story about Beloved and mum . I love my mother, just like every children who values and know the love of mother to children. Even if she is rigorous in the sense she know how to put Beloved to where he belong, smile… You know what that means. While he was still tender, he was a stubborn freak, and one thing his mum told his teacher then was that if he fails to take instruction cane him, don’t wait till I come to report. At my early teen just as some teenager of today want to become un-ruling, she will spank disobedient out of my spirit until I develop what is know as courtesy for elders, and that beating is just as bonus because when my dad comes that is where the real punishment kick-off. Well it all memories that now I so much enjoyed the discipline, but then I thought my mum hate him.
Today most women of our ptesent society do not posses such attitude. They feel that children should be only be caution by words , when most can’t differentiate what is wrong or right. And the bible made it clear that foolishness is bound in the heart of a child, and when we do discipline our children it help to rebuke such wrong from them. Some mothers even go as far to fight teachers when their children is being discipline at school, church or well corrected by neighbors. I can’t explain the pain of a mother to her child, but I can say if mothers avoid to give their children the right discipline to propel them in life, they have actually fail them in responsibility as a building a better nation. And these are some of the reason why the some persons within the society don’t have family values for others. In conclusion I believe the family has much vital roles to play in other to strengthen the society and it nation. And this can only be well achieved if we start placing family values to one another.