Positive Influence: The 21st Century Lead To Fame & Wealth

Positive Influence: The 21st Century Lead To Fame & Wealth
Positive Influence: The 21st Century Lead To Fame & Wealth

Positive Influence: The 21st Century Lead To Fame & Wealth

A Bless Day to you, Friends. Today to inspire You, I’d love to let You know that every journey to fame should first begin on the journey of positive influence, i.e. Positive Influence: the 21st century Lead to fame & wealth.

No one will become famous without being a solution. The answer to popularity is leadership training to influence others positively, and also acquiring what is mandatory in sustaining fame if that is what some of us love. Perhaps positive influence that brings Fame and Wealth.[15 People You Don’t Want To Mingle With]

Maybe I should ask the question, do you love fame or influence? I’d love to know what you think about the both. As for me, I love influence. So, maybe after reading to the end you could ask me why I love influence than fame. So, I expect you to leave comments.Thanks.

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To become a positive influence, the answer of discovering your self is a new you. One day God said to the prophet Samuel, ‘’How long wilt thou mourn for Saul? Fill thine horn with oil and go… for I have provided’’ (1 Samuel 16 : 1). Samuel had grieved so much about the death of Saul until this very moment when he heard from God. ‘’ It is time to move on.’’

To become an influence What we hear is as important as how we hear. And what we see, picture and read become part of who we want to become. The answer of that achievement of your goals, demands and desires of life is to let go off the grift and regret and lost of the past. For there’s a step beyond death, it is called burial. It separate the dead from the living, and the past from the future. “ For as long the past is still in the present, the past is defeating you!” Take a step forget about the past like Samuel did in other to overcome the pain of moving ahead.

Stop revealing events and things that are long gone, stop giving yourself to people who will not accept you, than their effective use of derogatory words about yourself. Give yourself all, your love and energy to love, and give it to the future. It is time to move, don’t negotiate your future move on.[How To Influence Others Effectively]

The answer to your pain is having purpose as Positive Influencer

Are you battling to overcome loneliness and depression?

The first step out is to find a cause greater than you and give yourself to it. When the focus changes from you to others, life will begin to take and upswing. If self-centeredness has kept you from ‘’getting over yourself,’’ examine your attitude, and determine to make others your priority. Start by asking yourself the following to access your growth.

1. Into who am I pouring my life.
2. Who am I helping, who can’t give me anything back in return?
3. Who are my encouraging?

You will succeed…
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