The Price For Achievement Success

The Price For Achievement Success


Successful people tend to be action oriented. They have a sense of urgency and they appreciate the quality of time. They see little need for speed. They take their time and work at their own pace. One of the basic principles is that “people don’t change.”

Part of being flexible and adaptive is for you to pace yourself as well slow down when you have to. Don’t allow yourself to become tense or anxious if you may have to pay the price for achievement success.

Timing Success

The person who willingly give his/her time and financial commitment to a course, is someone that has prepared to walk in the dimension of achieving successful business and career.

We need to define our goal clearly, count the course in achieving it. The course is the level of commitment that your goals demand. That is the assessment of achievement, and the willingness to do it.

Responsibility In Success

The need to accept responsibility for the achievement of goals is paying the price, and making it ever happen is up to you. The thing that may seem critical to success is personal success. For no matter how someone loves you they cannot take meal for you, same is applicable to the life we are living.

Becoming a successful businessman, or having a successful career or marriage is what someone cannot help us fulfill! For it requires our action. It’s the one who eats that become well-nourished and enjoy the taste of the food.

Delay In Success

I know of someone who plan much big, has the money but taking a little step outside his daily office activities is the big problem. The fear of his past experience has become the decision for making a strong commitment to plan ahead for the future.

The fear of taking risk to prosper has been deteriorated by the assumptions of failure. But on a real sense, failure is not defined by just failing… even if your trying to discover what best fit your life achieving journey. Failure begins simply by depriving yourself of a second chance and seeing opportunity from what experience you’ve had.

Success Has A Sense Of Urgency

Like I said on the first paragraph, “Successful people tend to be action oriented. They have a sense of urgency.’’ Your goal should compel you from your comfort zone and apply what you believe. A positive healthy belief system need action for results.

I love what Richard Templar said in one of his book, ‘’the rules for wealth’’, rule 62. He said, “Don’t just read this, do something!” What differentiate you from me is first our knowledge, the perception for what our knowledge serves for, secondly our motive to how things are done, and thirdly how we apply decisions to have results. Outside that all men are equal irrespective of race or backgrounds.

The Price About Success

The big thing about success is the one you become at the end of the day. Pay the price for the course and that requires time and hard work that demand doing what can differentiate you from others who don’t. Just like if you want to become a heavyweight champion, you necessarily need to be trained.

The ring is not where to be tutored, but where your competency are revealed. This is a price not with a heart commitment. This may have to deprive you from what you eat, how you train on a daily routine in achieving that goal.

“There is a price tag to every labor that is rewarding to destiny.” Reading this piece of my work is a start but it’ll count for nothing unless you actually take action. You’ve probably thought to yourself while reading this article ‘Oh I know that!’ or ‘That’s so obvious…’ Ok you know it, but have you actually done something about it? won’t be of any effect without being action oriented.

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Today I want to specifically tell you reading this article that if anyone has told you that success is achieved by doing nothing, it a deceit. Even Jesus Christ, the savior of the world had to die for something He believed.

For saving mankind from doom; that salvation can come to you and also have eternal life. Simply by you believing and by professing Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life. David had to defeat Goliath also by paying a price to fulfill scripture and to fulfill his purpose. We need to develop discipline that can sustain our inheritance.

As an individual, develop the courage and boldness to start a project and finish it and to those who are adult, don’t create the thought what guaranty success is stealing. But become a positive change to those around you. If you really know what you want, you won’t be dissuade from paying the price.

Even if it take you do it yourself without the support of love ones to believe you have a dream worth doing, pay your the price. Whether you have to deprive yourself from some pleasure do, like most times I have deprive myself from much pleasure to sustain this platform going. Along the line it may be tough, but always understand a day of favour surpass every other day of hard labour.

Today, you will succeed in Your life!
Keep winning…
I am Beloved Desmond.