Publishers Top Lists of Get Paid Per Click Affiliate Programs

Publishers Top Lists of Get Paid Per Click Affiliate Programs

Publishers Top Lists of Get Paid Per Click Affiliate Programs

Publishers Top Lists of Get Paid Per Click Affiliate Programs- Over the years many bloggers blog majorly for passion reasons, but you have to start making use of your passion to generate funds in order to get the fulfillment of what your passion. So, to also upgrade the standard to your career. So, today I’ll take you along tops list of get paid per click affiliate programs for publishers to make money online.

Are you in Nigeria, UK, US, India, China, Canada, France or other parts of the world looking best ppc networks to get started with monetizing your blog?

Get paid per click affiliate programs has been helping many bloggers make money online and to also improve their career. Since google adsense has been strict to their publishers which many consider as not being friendly to the “blogging world,” especially to most upcoming Nigerian bloggers who get ban daily. Thought google adsense use to be the highest pay advertising company, but of recent (Fomo ads) recently out rant them in term of paying. And the good news is that it very easy to be approve which take 5-10 day for review after placing their HTML code below your header.

So, if you are a publisher, looking for ways to earn more online, especially to those who join blogging because they heard google adsense pay their publishers huge amount. Well this post will also be useful to your new discovery, not only to learn, but to also enable you implement what you are about to learn.

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But I personally want to recommend those who has been ban by google adsense from it program. Not those who deliberately violated their terms, but those who were victim of the unknown, those who would want to give up their blogging career because they have never been able to earn some funds to finance their site. These affiliate programs for publishers can earn you money online.

Do you know most bloggers use ppc as their major income source. But among these ppc program there are so many pay per click (ppc) affiliate programs online among which some are legit some are scam, and you may end up wasting your time, data and energy.

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In some PPC networks You get paid $1 per visitor or even higher while others pays very less per clicks depending on the company affiliate user terms of how they pay their affiliate. In this article, I shall be listing some details of high paying pay per click affiliate programs you can give a try to see if they can be of good benefit to making money from your Blog.

Get paid per click affiliate programs Top Lists

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. So, here are some pay per click affiliate programs, which are:

  • EntireWeb Affiliate program

EntireWeb is a free Online search engine submission website were bloggers, web owners and internet marketers can get their websites listed. EntireWeb will pay you for all clicks you generate, and you can earn up to $0.20 per visitor.  Within minutes from signup, you’ll be up’n running and have started to earn money from your traffic. This affiliate program is free to join for anyone, and you’ll get paid for every click you.

  • Ajiboye Affiliate Program

They are company set up for selling professional web design and internet marketing Plans. Ajiboye affiliate program offers publishers around $0.10 for each click. Other benefit include:

They pay you thrice! Once, for sending traffic to their website; then when customers buy on their website; and again when your sub-affiliates make a sale.

• It’s FREE to join.
• 3 ways to earn; they pay you thrice!
• Earn by simply sending traffic to their website.
• Earn commissions on your direct sales.
• Earn commissions on sales by your sub-affiliates.
• Free web banners for your website or blog.

NeoBux Affiliate Program

NeoBux Affiliate Program is a pure ppc network site which pays around 0.001 per click and 0.005 for each ref. click. Their minimum payout is easy to reach $2 and you can request payout and get paid via Neteller or Skrill.

  • Clixsense Affiliate program

Which pays $0.02 per task completed and 20% commission per referral task. With clixsense, you get paid when you reach their payment threshold of $10 and their major payout gateway are Payoneer and Skrill.

The first step to make money from ClixSense is to join. [ You can click here to join] . Once you have filled the form, check your email and click on the validation link. After you click on the validation link in your email, you will be taken to ClixSense login. Login. Follow all instructions. [Best Alternative Of Google Adsense ]

Please do not provide fake information. Make sure that all your information are accurate. You have to understand that a platform like this that pays you money to complete offers are sensitive. If you lie and provide false information, you may lose your account. Follow the rules. Because, if they allow scammers on the platform, the advertisers and companies that partners with them will withdraw and for that, they will close down. That is why they are strict.

  • OfferNation Affiliate program

OfferNation minimum payout is just $1 and you can get paid with Paypal, Skrill or BTC. They pays $0.001 – $0.01 for each unique survey completed. they have unlimited numbers of surveys available. You can complete as many as you want daily.

  • GptPlanet Affiliate Program

with this getpaid affiliate program, You earn Upto 40% ref. clicks and you are allowed to get unlimited referrals. You get paid $0.01 for each unique clicks and you can withdraw with Neteller or Skrill when you reach $1.

In all of the above listed get paid per click Affiliate programs, you might be required to complete some tasks or get your referrals to complete tasks to get paid.

Each PPC network goes with differ policies, payment thresholds and payment methods. But among all, Using VPN, or other anonymous ways to access these sites can violate their policies making them suspend your account or put your payment on hold.

Below is the continuation of our list of get paid per click affiliate programs for publishers and even advertisers.

High paying pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

Unlike some of the above list were you can earn completing tasks online, from the below lists of Get paid to click affiliate programs, You must have a website before you can use them as Ads will be placed on your site to earn and you only get paid when your blog readers click on your Ads.

Google AdSense

The only secret to earn higher when using PPC networks is website traffic . The amount of traffic you get daily and monthly will determine wither you will earn good income or not.

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CPC networks are mostly recommended for people who have good website traffic, otherwise try other . If you find this recommendations really helpful, you can comment and Share this article below.

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