Reasons Married And None Married Couples Cheat, & Won’t Cheat


Reasons Married And None Married Couples Cheat, & Won’t Cheat

Good Day Dear Friends and readers. Happy weekend! To impact your day as I also want to join those in celebrations, who has taken bold step today to become accountable to someone special their in life, in the Holy altar of God. Happy Marriage life…

Reasons Married And None Married Couples Cheat, & Won’t Cheat probably has nothing to do with looks on face, or how Handsome or Pretty your partner is, but rather it based on attitude, up-bringing, parental impact and collective adopted knowledge and characters from others within your sphere (Society).

Most married men and ladies in our today’s world simply find it more pleasurable to likely develop infidelity attitude. It simply because most have misconception on their responsibility they should hold on to, and some refuse to grow even if we believe that provision is not what some may probably lack, but what we call lack of “Self-control and Self Discipline.”

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It so unfortunate that some individuals would not want to accept some realness that spring up in relationship, but some among who I am included believe that there are little things that could make a man and women break apart. And because we love to have a place we call a home. And when you ever come to final conclusion that you as lady or a man want to keep your relationship on a more stable platform and enjoy the beauty and joy of a marriage, courting and relationship, then here are few important guide I am sharing with You.

1. Marry a man or a lady for love fulfillment and not fleshly desire.Love is the desire to please one another, the total giving of oneself to another not taking of something. When we talk about marriage and relationship, different thoughts comes to the attention of most people and they try to analyze.

firstly every one seeks for companionship, compatibility and who can feed on them to enjoy the relationship, and ladies tend to seek for a man with the above listed and also look to someone whom they can receive love from; because ladies are built to receive love to a man more than they give. And while men is built to give to a woman maximum love, and when such is not provided, having a balance compatibility marriage or relationship becomes difficulty.
In order to enjoy the love that you desire to live the rest of your life with, then you should be ready to settle for ‘love fulfillment’ and not only pleasure achievement.

This is to say: “people can find complete fulfillment in one another without having technical experience.”

2. Marry as a choice of love commitment and not for sex fulfillment. Today we see many young people who take in marriage as a strive for sex, outward beauty and forget that the inner characters and attitude of an individual is what really matter to sustain marriage and relationship. Are you willing to give, show, and prove all commitment to your partner? Do not put yourself in such situation that temptation becomes too strong for you. For this are some major reasons why most men, and women emulate infidelity in their relationship, because they have problem to give it all the commitment and this resolve to most situation of sexual frustration because they have develop wrong idea about marriage and unrealistic expectations. Today most people confuse sex to love and that is also why many ladies or men feel that love is sex. “For if sex produce love then no one would feel much love than that of a prostitute, and yet prostitute have among the highest rate of suicide.” When relationships are based on sex, the relationship will peak and die.

3. Partners should build on both Ego rather than both weakness. Have read much e-book which some I even downloaded online that talk about relationship, and some are full with content that only make emphasis on men only complimenting their wife or young dude complimenting their fiancé. They believe that would help strengthen the relationship forever?

It will on one side and it won’t on the other side. Now lets illustrate with example, a flat wood is lay on the top of an object, and there is a large stone place at the extreme right and a small stone at the extreme left, what do you think would occur? Is simply the side that carries the much weight will be balance to the ground while the side of lighter object will lift upward. Same is applicable to marriage and relationship. It definitely has to be balance and when it’s not, one would love to get it from where they could be heartedly welcome.

4. Why most men cheat is simply because that lady is telling him something that influence his ego. Because the greatest of all influence in men is the ” `ego’ need, “which they desire to be admired and be respected by an opposite gender. This can trap any man even when he has a faithful and committed wife. I know some may think a believer is exceptional from this, even if you like pray and speak in tongues, as long a lady works on your ego, she has what it takes to win your heart. Relationship develops most times because men love to prove how attractive they are to ladies, and especially this thrill comes from knowing someone consider them as romantic. Take Note: ” A man feels so good when a lady build on his ego, when she tell him baby you’re intelligent, smart, handsome and she enjoy talking with him.” Likes the way he thinks, such cold make him find it exciting to be with her.

Attraction on ego need usually happen gradually, something without either both realization of what it’s happening. For example, when a lady spend minutes of her time with a man daily, she could make a very innocent statement, like: “I think you’re one of the nicest man I have ever meet,” She did not know her statement has a reaction to a man because of his ego need, he would want to do anything or behave foolish to make sure he get her.

And seemingly all of a sudden they go out and don’t come back. He left is partner and abandon his family, friends, job. Friends would wonder ‘’what happened? He was such a nice man. What really happened that infidelity started slowly; and he indulged in it to meet his ego need, and until he is overcome by it.”

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