Secrets Of Good Marriage

Secrets Of Good Marriage

Secrets Of Good Marriage


It is so true that the purpose of a thing determines its nature, it design and it features. So, it is also applicable to marriage. There must be purpose to why we want to get married and why you want to keep you marriage glowing in the midst of challenges.

Marriage is a wonderful union, just like you and I pray to be married one day to our God ordained spouse. But if you are married, and you are not mature to go about making decision to make your marriage happy, there are stand 98 percent you’ll abuse your marriage with every privilege you get. If you have no legitimate reasons to why you are married.

This is because whenever purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. A good example is Henry T Ford. Knew the purpose Ford would serve for, before he built the first brand of Ford motorcar. He knew the purpose was to convey people from one point to another and to solve transportation problem also.

And suppose you decide, “I want to use this motorcar as a boat,” and you drive it off a cliff and into the water. What do you think would happen?

You’re probably going to drown, and car is going to be ruined. Why? The car was built to fulfill a specific purpose, and if you do not use it according to its purpose, then you will likely be harmed it the process. However, below are:

5 Vital Keys For Maintaining a Successful Marriage

1. Cut Out Stupid Reason To Experiment Your Life In Marriage

I have heard most adult (Dude) says, I am getting old now. I have to find one lady and hook up with her so she can be doing the cooking, doing the home cursuspp, wash my clothes and have s*x with her anytime I am in need of s*xual desire and pleasure.

If all these things mention above are the major reasons you think you are mature enough to go into marriage, you’ll abuse your spouse if she doesn’t meet these expectations of yours.

Sure, it the duty of the woman to sometimes do these things, but that should not be the main reason to be joined together in union to have a slave. Because being in a relationship for such purpose mean you need a house help and not a help mate.

Do go into marriage with such experiment, because after few weeks you too realized your wife has her own expectations too. And she seek for love, affection and attention. She wants appreciation. And you are like, “Hey I didn’t bargain for all that.”

Marriage is not trial and run. Learn the purpose of your life and understand what it means to be in marriage before you take any decision based on feelings and opinions. [ Unhappy Marriage? Know How To Avoid A Bad Marriage ]

2. Improve On Your Communication

Holding things in can really hurt your relationship, so talk to each other about everything frequently and honestly. This includes your frustrations, sex, anger, disappointment, mutual appreciation, the meaning of life- nothing should be out of bounds. “Learn to listen and communicate instead of fighting.

Fighting is childish, and you want a grown-up relationship.”

3. Be A Good Man

Perhaps you were growing up, your father left when things got tough. You think you need to do the same thing now that you have a family. That is not the feature of a good man. A good man is someone with purpose for his/her family.

According to Solomon in the Bible said, “A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children” (Proverb 13:22). A good man should be ready to also discipline his children.

You don’t wont to replace love for discipline so you don’t raising rebellious children who don’t respect law and order. More also be responsible to provide for your family is what makes you a good man.

4. Adopt A Team Spirit

Working as a team build strong unity and strength love. Strive to work together to solve anything that comes up, rather than getting stuck on who’s right or wrong. When you build a successful working partnership, each of you will feel supported and respected by the other.

5. Connecting With Your Partner On Every Level

Keep your connection going through several avenues: communication, s*x, affection, understanding and concern for each other. Being able to connect on multiple levels brings you closer and maintains intimacy.