How And Why To Show Appreciation To Family And Friends


How And Why To Show Appreciation To Family And Friends 1 How And Why To Show Appreciation To Family And FriendsHow And Why To Show Appreciation To Family And Friends.

Good morning, Friends. Top of your day to you!

I trust your today is another wonderful one with new and renew hopes to influence others positively.

A teacher and a mentor once said: “humans are the most valuable asset on earth.” That was why the Creator (God) put man in possession above all material and living animals. I.e. You are unique and it is important to appreciate everyone with every opportunity given to you.

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Appreciating one means you have seen them just as how God looks at them, but neither by the circumstances that revolves their phase of life, but because they are made in God image like you!

How To Appreciate Someone?
You appreciate someone by letting them know they mean much to you. And you do that by saying it to them, also you act what You say. You can’t appreciate without wanting to sacrifice for someone, so You recognize them by making references of What value they are to you.
How can you show One you Appreciate him/her?

You appreciate Someone by the following:
◆ Value
◆ Sacrificial giving
◆ Recognizing their input
◆ Respect
◆ Acceptance
◆ Reciprocate.
How To Start
Appreciating Someone
You can appreciate anyone by what they have done irrespective of time and years, or how small or mighty the deed is or was. One of the way to know those who has really add values to your life is to appreciate their effort by these few methods:

Take a critical look at your life for the past 2 years and examine the top 5 persons who have contributed significantly to your life. Then take the next 5 Min. to send those persons a mail, text messages, surprise gift or a call to tell them how much they mean to you!

Do it now and see the magic that follows. Remember appreciation is an application for more… And here on Hkitnob I want to really let you know I do appreciate your positive contribution here, and you mean much to me.