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Hello… Good Day Sir/Ma.

Thanks if you are viewing this page it actually means you want to have your sponsor posts on hkitnob or build links in any of our posts. If you love and appreciate what you see on Hkitnob.Com.

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What Opportunities You Gain From Sponsored Posts/Follow Links On Hkitnob

  • We will also promote it on social media networks. Link directly back to your business website/blog.
  • Boost the posts with a Facebook ad, if you request for it.

How Can You Contact Moderator/Admin To Have A Sponsored/Follow Links Post On Hkitnob?

Our email and contact phone number is always reachable 24 hours in 7 days. This is to say you have no reason to wait only on working days to write or contact us.

How Can You Make Payment To Have A Sponsored/Follow Links Posts On Hkitnob?

You can pay us via Bank Transfer for those in Africa, PayPal and blockchain account Payment suitable at your end.

What Are The Sponsored/Follow Links Posts We Accept On Hkitnob

We Accept Sponsored Guest Posts about:

  • Inspiration
  • Business Grants
  • Health
  • Upcoming Events
  • Business post/Investment
  • Marriage /Relationships counseling posts
  • Political Happenings
  • Christians Happenings.

What Sponsored/follow Links Posts We Don’t Accept?

Sexual articles – (Adult Contents) and Materials. And we cannot credit you a follow link to any site that supports adult contents in order to serve you better.

What Are The Price For Hkitnob Sponsored Posts And Resource Links?

Our price is affordable and we consider customers for this reason to what they can afford.

Post Sponsor Cost

  • 1 sponsored post on hkitnob with one follow link=   $20
  • 2 Sponsor posts on hkitnob with two follow links = $35
  • 3 Sponsor posts on hkitnob with three follow links = $60.

Can I Add My Site Links As Resource On Hkitnob Already Written Posts?

Yes you can. And we accept follow link for little charges from our site posts to any sites of your choice for the following amount:

  • 1 follow backlink = ($18)
  • 2 follow backlinks = ($30)
  • 3 follow backlinks = ($40).

Note: Any extra amount to additional links from the above mentioned attract ($5).

Note: We also don’t accept free linking from any of our posts to any sites for free, or in exchange of social page share of post. Simply because the site is run on bills and not a free serivce.

When your post is ready, always contact the admin through our contact us page. And note that Hkitnob Moderator/admin must have to confirm your payment under few hours before we can publish any sponsored post/ and add your link as resource on hkitnob post.

You Want to sponsor A Post/need a follow link With Hkitnob?

Kindly Reach us on contact us page.

Warm Regard,
Beloved  Desmond Ajugba
Team Head Of hkitnob.com