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Hello… Good Day Sir/Ma.

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How Can You Contact Me To Have A Sponsor/Do Follow Links Post On Hkitnob?

Our email and contact phone number is always reachable 24hours in 7 days. This is to say you have no reason to wait only on working days to write or contact us.

How Can You Make Payment To Have A Sponsor/Do Follow Links Post On Hkitnob?

You can pay us via Western Union, Bank Transfer or PayPal and block chain account Payment suitable at your end.

What Are The Sponsor/DoFollow Link We Post We Accept On Hkitnob

We Accept Sponsored Guest Posts about:

  • Up Coming Events
  • Business Online Investment
  • Health
  • Jobs
  • Marriage / Relationships
  • Political Happenings
  • Christians Happenings
  • Inspiration
  • Mobile Devices & Smart-phones
  • Forex
  • Payment Platforms
  • Computer and Software posts
  • E-Learning Tools
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Startups
  • Apps
  • Websites & Blogs
  • SEO
  • Web Hosting
  • Security
  • Lifestyle
  • Airtime Credit & Recharge Cards
  • Affiliate Marketing Products
  • Other Products & Services.

What Sponsor/Dofollow Links Post We Don’t Accept?

Sexual articles – (Adult Contents) and Materials. And we cannot credit you a do follow link to any site that supports adult contents in order to serve you better.

What’s The Price For Hkitnob Sponsored Posts

Our price is affordable and we consider customers for this reason to what they can afford.

Post Sponsor 

  • 1 sponsor post on hkitnob include 1 ads banner of your service/product =   $100
  • 2 Sponsor posts on hkitnob include 1 ads banner + facebook social advert = $ 150
  • 3 Sponsor posts on hkitnob include 1 ads banner + social advert on facebook and twitter = $ 250


That we only accept (3 do follow links to a single post to any site, and any amount of extra additional links attract extra $20). So, we encourage you to put as much links if you can afford the amount and it must not violate what we don’t support.

And for those interested on our articles to link back to their sites as additional resource, amount to ($30) per post for linking back to your site. And we don’t accept free linking from our post to your site. Simply because the site is run on bills to ensure we keep our service online.

When your post is ready, always contact the admin through the email and phone number provided below. And note that Hkitnob admins must have to confirm your payment under 24 hours before we can publish your sponsored post on hkitnob.

Want to sponsor A Post/need dofollow links?

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