Successful Marriage Tips

successful marriage tips

Successful Marriage Tips

Successful Marriage Tips – have a successful marriage that is sustainable means to be mature in attitude and mind. Because a positive attitude will always correct negative impression. And a mature mind would always bring out positivity, not because it cannot act negative, but because the thought in the mind is reformed.

So, a reformed mind would only birth positive approach to keep your marriage on course! But above all, what make a successful marriage obtainable is not sex like most young people over rate it, neither could it be determine with money like many thinks. But the abilities to understand one another is when both the man and the woman has come to agreement to walk together as one.

Years back I was heartbroken after my Dad made up his mind never to be married with my mum. I was sad because I have grown up seeing my mum shoulder up almost all responsibility to see the marriage would sustain.

This I kept annoyed of so many things, and I was asking myself why do people go into marriage when they are not ready to overcome the battle in marriage. And then I got the secret why my dad could not able to have a successful marriage, yet was a successful in career and yet a disciplinary.

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However, many go into marriage thought the Bible note it In Matthew 19:6. And any man, that is so joined together, to a wife is commanded by God to leave father and mother, and cleave to his wife.

But there are still many questions behind why many marriages still are not successful even when joint together by a bishop’s, rev father’s, pastor’s and even by the court of law. To my understanding, most marriages give up or break apart because of little things that are either over look, misunderstanding, stopped doing what attracted both individuals to love each other and then profess love to have commitments. And to what I learnt, nothing work out in marriage when my you as the man is not doing what is expected. So, today I’ll carry you along some successful marriage tips.

What Is success In Marriage?

  • Success in marriage has nothing to do with Perfection.
  • It has nothing to do with Beauty.
  • It has nothing to do with Wealth.
  • It has nothing to do with Educational qualifications.
  • It has nothing to do with religious titles.
  • It has nothing to do with how Anointed you are.
  • It has nothing to do with how much you can speak in tongues or how many hours you
  • can Pray or how many scriptures you know. Those ones are good for your Spiritual life.

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You can have a very rich Spiritual life and a very Poor relationship life and especially with your spouse.

You need a rich Spiritual life for your Christian walk on earth and your final destination after death.

You also need a rich Relationship life here on earth for your marital life. Because a poor marital life can seriously affect your Spiritual life. Nothing Puts your Spiritual life under Pressure like a marital union. And a bad one can take the spiritual life away from you.

A bad marriage can lead to Hell, because it will make you do things against God’s Standards. Please take note!!

Success in Marriage start by having the Fear of God in your life. That is the foundation. The fear of God makes you want to protect your spouse. You give them the love they don’t deserve but because God require it from you. You don’t take decision to hurt them because you know God won’t be pleased by that.


That’s the best scripture for me to define the fear of God. The God he did not see. Joseph called Sex outside marriage wickedness. The things you do when no one is watching you…

The things you do when no one can punish you….The things you do to protect another person….speaks of the fear of God in your life.