The Impact Of Inner Awareness On Destiny

The Impact Of Inner Awareness On Destiny

The Impact Of Inner Awareness On Destiny

Are you aware everyone has a destiny; no one is born without a destiny, just that some didn’t discover their path to play in purpose is why their destiny never comes to fulfillment in reality.

Even those considered to be beggars on the road side have a destiny, perhaps circumstance know, or unknown may have brought them into such life, and it wasn’t their destiny that brought them there. Rather it was their choice to remain a there.

Good day, Friends of Hkitnob platform. How are you today?

I know you are fine, and if you’re not I pray divine strength on you and quick recovery. I also believe your day would turn out with a positive result that would only make your destiny in life a reality.

Today, while I share little on destiny, I would love to read your thought too, on the topic: “Your Destiny Is An Inner Awareness” You can simply drop your reply on comment section. Thanks.

What Defines Destiny

According to the wordweb definition, “An event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future.”

According to Myles Monroe of a blessed memory once said, “There is something for you to start that is destined for you to finish.”

Too many people know what they are running from but not what they are running to. First concentrate on finding your purpose, then concentrate on fulfilling it. Having a powerful why will provide you with the necessary how.

Understand that God sets clues and people in our lives as answers to our desires before we or they ever realizes it. And the fact that He placed that power or person in your life for a certain role doesn’t mean you’ll accept that thing or person immediately.

It may take awhile. It may take years of you going through circles with that gift or person, or going through various things before you finally realize your answers have been in and around you all these while and you never knew it.

It’s amazing how we reject God’s answers and still cry to Him for help and direction continually. If He had told us straight that this gift or power or that that person is the answer to our desire or prayer sooner than we were ready to believe and accept it or accept them, we’d laugh and refuse His answers.

If it were up to us, we’d keep stopping ourselves from taking what God had shown or given us, keep despising and criticizing it and keep walking blindly.

But God allows us the freedom of going through circles after first telling us and granting us someone or something we require in our lives until we develop enough sense to discern, to know and say;

“This is God’s will for me and i can’t keep fighting it, running from it or going round circles trying to stop myself from His progress and satisfaction.”

Have you found God’s will for you but still act like you haven’t?

Then it’s a sign you’re not yet ready for it or that you’re still not awake or aware. But the beautiful thing is that He’ll not force you to accept it, but will walk you into believing, liking, loving and receiving it and knowing that true satisfaction in this life never comes to us until we truly and fully accept and embrace that which God has given us, made us to be and made for us to have.