The Important Of Safety Association In (Marriage And Relationship)

The Important Of Safety Association In (Marriage And Relationship)
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The Important Of Safety Association In (Marriage And Relationship)

Building a good relationship in life goes a long way beyond what platform such relationship serves. For some people, they don’t understand the important of safety in relationship. Their life is as expose to any danger out there due to negligence to wrong association. It is true that our association matters in life, and this is mandatory if you may want to save your marriage from divorce, appreciate your relationship growth, keep your family secret intact. But how can you determine such relationship and know which association to retain? if you have got a good relationship to keep for a life time. Your company determine what you accomplish in life. Who you marry determines what is married to you. In other words, we are the true reflection of those we are closely associated to. Everyone needs to take full responsibility for his/her happiness or joy in life. By doing so, there is the important of safety association in (marriage and relationship).

I have read some books about sustaining relationship, and I’ve also watched some American movies that I did appreciate the message about it teaches about relationship in realities. And I can say with the exposure of information the current generation is privilege to have, most especially on the internet, we still read in magazines and still hear news of broken relationships and failed marriages. And I have come to understand base on my own experience that some of these things that may led to a broken home and relationship could most times relate to things you assume to be articulate. The thing is tha;t You may be doing everything right but with the level of wrong association, you could be doing something wrong but right to your own view. Some months back I learnt of a man whose relation is living in America, told him her daughter was being abused by her peers in class as she was the only girl of her age coming from a home where both parents lived together. Others were from broken homes separated parents. Whereas the majority was wrong. Some could be as a result of failed relationship and association. Being in such a midst of friendship could tarnish your valued relationship, or perhaps you are in such midst of girls or guys who feel sex is what they need from a person, and after such act, you both have no reasons to be together in relationship.

To get the best in life as a married person, or being in relationship, we must nurture the relationship or association that reduces and demean our persons. By association most people’s potentials have been lost. By associations relationships built on years of commitments and trust could easily turn a relationship of shallow union. If you remember the following cases in the Bible. Jonah entered a ship going to Tarshish and brought losses to fellow occupant of the vessel. (Jonah 1:5-8). Abigail, though a wise woman, her potentials were reduced greatly by her marriage to Nabal (literally called a fool).

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Marriage and relationship safety by association matters. In other words, who do you want to marry? Your desperation of having a spouse should not bring your life downfall. This is where association plays a strong role, for two shall become one. If a man is of a spirit of lust and infidelity, no matter how handsome or wealth he is or will become, his association would corrupt your good attitude of a perfect marriage to you as his wife. Not matter how endowed a lady is, or physically attractive, if she cannot keep herself faithfully to her husband, no matter how pretty she is to others, her husband would rather curse the day they became partners. Our prayer is we should not marry a person who is beautiful outwardly but a devil inwardly. Who you are married to determines the level of your prosperity of penury. The case of Ruth and Boaz. As soon as Ruth got married to Boaz, she moved from gleaning to garnering huge resources. She became the co-land owner and employer of labor. Choose wisely, your close associate most especially when it has to do with a life long decision. Be careful who you marry and date. Well marriage is by choice. Friendship is also by desire and choice. As a result of marriage, the three daughters in laws of Noah were saved from the flood.

In conclusion, to those in marriage or relationships, let the association you keep or have concluded to walk with be for your life blessing and improve your relationship and bless your union. And if such relationship is not worth your safety, and is not worth a positive contribution to your relationship, do not hesitate walk out of it, because as years passes by, you’d realize your life is not worth a waste. Thanks, you can leave comments, for the love of God share leave a comment