Thinking Differently About Prayer Meaning, And Why You Pray

Thinking Differently About Prayer Meaning, And Why You Pray

Thinking Differently About Prayer Meaning, And Why You Pray

Thinking Differently About Prayer Meaning, And Why You Pray.

The subject of prayer have been touched in the body of Christ, but the true concept isn’t clearly understood by most Christians. It is for this reason I am trying to help you understand why thinking differently about prayer meaning, and why you pray; in order to understand why to pray, and when to pray a prayer of supplication to God.

The first thought we’ll address is what prayer means in English and then in Hebrew. Then, on the second note, we’ll see other thoughts from Greek. Never forget that the idea of Teaching is for clarity and proper application of God’s Word in the area it concerns.

The English word for Prayer is to “Beg, Make Request, Ask or Plead” like one seeking an opportunity, an answer to a need or a request or change. And this has been the mind and thought that we approach God with all the time. So, many times, we don’t pray until there’s a need or request in our life for something to be done or given to us.

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This idea isn’t strange, but is included in the other Hebrew meanings of prayer, but it is limited within the place of our fellowship with God. For it connotes that our relationship with God begins and ends with coming to collect and after that, we won’t have anything else to do with God.

It is like having an intimate relationship with a person, and you only remember that lady or guy when you’re in need of intimacy, after that time, it’s by and this is limiting to think that our relationship with God is that way.

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What then is the Hebrew thought or another Hebrew thought of Prayer?

The Hebrew word TEFILLAH:” Which means PRAYER Is not something of an emergency-call or a cold callto God? The Hebrew word for prayer-tefillah-means to “Self-Evaluate or to Evaluate-Oneself. It speaks of an evaluation that is carried out on the SOUL–the areas of our MOTIVE, if our manner of life or action is coming from a previously hidden information we have endorsed, that isn’t in line with God’s pleasure or word.

A motive of life that must be checked so that we are not walking in opposition to the will (i.e the THELEMA and BOULE) of God. A check to be sure that we’re free from sensual leading or fleshly-determined-pursuit.

So, to the Jews of the Bible prayer was not a time when they asked God for things …., rather, it was a time when they examined themselves. They would use prayer as a way to compare their actions, behavior and attitude if they were in line with God’s will or if they were against God’s holiness or will.

This is mind blowing, but it tells us first that before the asking, prayer helps put you and I  in God’s weighing system, like Jesus said, “If you have anything against your brother, and you’re coming to offer something or a seed of prayer to God, and you remember that bitterness or unforgiveness within your prayer, leave what you’re praying for, go and settle the difference or forgive your brother (wife, friend, husband or whoever) and return back to the place or position of fellowship in prayer and you’re sure of an answer.

This makes prayer a place of spiritual xray for us with God. Amen! Begin to think differently about what it means to pray.