Those Who Elected Buhari To Presidency Should Beg God For Forgiveness, Says Fayose

Those Who Elected Buhari To Presidency Should Beg God For Forgiveness, Says Fayose

Those Who Elected Buhari To Presidency Should Beg God For Forgiveness, Says Fayose

Gone so soon, but hard to forget the 2015 election that brought APC government to power. How many was so obsessed and would want to associate themselves to the name Buhari. Some Nigerians says, “he’s the worst President so ever in the history of Nigeria to lead the nation.” But do you also know right now that President Muhammadu Buhari sound like nemesis upon Nigerians, because many felt like he has done much harm to the economy, down to the legislature and the judiciary of Nigeria. Now, it is so obvious no one wants to associate with the name, ‘Buhari’, because many said it synonyms to failure and ignorance, and this has kept me thinking what is it for those who named their children, pet’s and love ones ‘Buhari’, that would be a discussion for another day.

Just yesterday the Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose has urged politicians that brought President Muhammadu Buhari as the president of the country to beg God for forgiveness. He alleged that Nigeria’s economy under the All Progressives Congress – led Federal Government had brought untold hardship to Nigerians.

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Fayose stated this at a meeting of the Osoko Mass Movement attended by representatives of labour unions, civil servants and public institutions in the state. He said: “People that brought Buhari must seek repentance. Unemployment is second to none. The Transparency International said corruption had become worse among Nigerians.”

In a related vein, Niger Delta youths, under the aegis of Pan Niger Delta Youth Leadership Forum (PANDLEAF ), have again lamented that perennial leadership failure has unleashed sorrow, hunger and under -development on the people. It said the situation was unacceptable, curious, unthinkable, unfortunate and worrisome considering the trillions of naira that had been appropriated to the region by the Federal Government through the state governments and intervention agencies.

President of PANDLEAF, Mr. Richard Akinaka, who spoke yesterday after his meeting with Presidents of Ijaw Youth Council, Urhobo Youth Council and Itsekiri Youth Council as part of ongoing engagement with ethnic youth leaders in the region, said that after years of budgeting and deploying trillions of naira through Federal Government , states and intervention agencies, the region had nothing to show for the huge budgetary appropriations. Besides, a member of the National Executive of PANDLEAF, Dr. Selekaye Victor-Ben, noted that the poor leadership problem identified was caused by the imposition of political leaders on the people of the region.

In another development, a newly -registered party , Action Peoples Party (APP), has lamented failure in the areas of economy, security, infrastructure, adherence to rule of law, among others.

National Chairman of the party, Ikenga Ugochinyere , who spoke at the formal public presentation of the party in Abuja yesterday, alleged the present administration had failed woefully to fulfill its three – point agenda of security, corruption and economy.