Understand Purpose And Destiny

Understand Purpose And Destiny

Understand Purpose And Destiny

How do we get to know the will of God for the now for me? Someone is asking in other to Understand Purpose And Destiny.

There are 3 questions you must consider when it comes to choosing a certain thing, person or path when you face a new situation. The questions are;

1. Is this God’s will for me?
2. Ask yourself “Do i have inner peace?”
3. “Do i have God’s presence, power or supply available for and to me in this or in this area of my desire or am I just trying to make a supply for myself”?

Watch this; A purpose you’re created for, is a purpose you’re endowed for. That is, there’s an inner power or grace placed within you for what you say you’re called for. Then, there’s a supply of requirements and resources to you at the right time. [ What Money Can’t Afford (Understanding The Foundation Of Purpose) ]

If it isn’t the right time or place, but though you’re called or given that purpose, passion or power, then the resources to work or walk with will be with-held until God’s timing is set on it for you. But if it isn’t the right thing, path or person for you, you’ll have no real passion or response, skill or compatibility for it.

There’re some career, places, things and people you’re passionate or have developed passion about or for, that you’re not compatible with. For such, you must check the motive of your passion. Cause purpose carries passion plus compatibility. [ How to Find Purpose After A Hard Fall in Life ]

The relationship you’re fit for are the relationships you have the skill-set for. I.e they’re the relationships you’re built to handle both it’s positives and negatives. If you see just the positive without the power to handle the person’s weaknesses, then you’re in-compatible.

Because compatibility is strength on both sides. Get that?

If you ask yourself these 3 questions and find yourself short of a sincere heart answer, then you must know you are choosing the wrong path, thing or person. Destiny isn’t more spiritual than it is practical. In fact! Practicality is the other side of Destiny and Spirituality. I’ll hope this helps you understand purpose and destiny.