Understanding Connection

Understanding Connection

Understanding Connection

Somehow, you have to learn these difference. You have an audience. Not everyone is. Jesus didn’t relate with the general audience like He did His disciples. There are those drawn to who you are, but there are those drawn to what you do. Those drawn to who you are may not like what you do, but they like you.

Those drawn to what you do, may not know who you are, but what you do may make them like you. But there are those who don’t like you and they don’t like what you do.

Jesus didn’t say convince them to like you or like what you do. Though the context of that issue wasn’t directly on relationships, but it was focused on relationship and purpose. Matthew 10:14 “And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.”

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Jesus says ‘Move’ or like the Nigerian slang ‘Make-way.’ In order words, cut the connection or tie and keep walking. So, this year, instead of chasing people who don’t chase you, be smart to watch their re-action and response towards you, and once it is clear to you where they stand towards you, your purpose or destiny, that they aren’t welcoming or friendly, the better thing to do is walk away from them either physically or social-media wise. Dust your feet and move on.

Nobody who is called to walk with you should be forced to realize it. If they haven’t yet realized it, and you have, instead of trying to force them to, leave them alone. It could be it isn’t the right time for the connection or if it is, and they’re ignoring it, relax, allow them be.

Pain usually is what God uses to awaken ignorant and stubborn people. Where they suffer rejection and mis-treatment where they don’t belong. And when they’ve understood that pain, it’ll drive them to seek where, what and with whom they belong.

So, don’t force anyone to like you, acknowledge you, love you or accept you. If you stretch your hand of fellowship, love or friendship, and they ignore or despise you, let them be.