Understanding Delay Game While Working Out Fulfillment

Understanding Delay Game While Working Out Fulfillment

Understanding Delay Game While Working Out Fulfillment


This days we hear most people in Nigeria, my home country and other part of Africa citizens committing suicide. Young people being depressed, fatherS suddenly quit to either run from the family or take to arms, and the only thing that come their mind is how to either take their precious life or become a terror to their society.

Good Morning, I hope my message meet you in a better state of health. For I see you making progress. Becoming a victor to your world and having fulfilment at the present level of your life to where you want to be.

Some days back, I was opportune by privilege to save a life of a lady who felt depressed, and attempted to take her own life. She was angry about not being able to meet certain things at age 27. And being a committed member to a church where she worship, she has become a reference point that if you as a christian is not living a luxury lifestyle means God has not bless you.

And you are not a committed servant of God. Being a committed member, she felt angry with God not fulling the blessings of Papa Abraham extension of blessing to her life.

She stopped going to church, quit visiting friends, emotionally down and worried about many things not yet achieved. She goes to work and not being paid on time, and where she tend to find comfort in the church mounting pressure to live like the rich.

Things of such whereby People who are suppose to give hope to the nation are only concern of who and who matters financially in serving God, and deduce those who are not able to compete with the life of the rich is why most christians may be find commiting suicide.

This is because, we are surrounded by people who no long as preacher of the salvation of Christ to Christians, but are now so concerned about the god of money (Mamourn). “And everything they tied their preaching to is you must make it by force. You must prove to God his words are not false. Your mate are doing it, you do it. If you don’t have a work yet and you are coming to this church for more than a year, you don’t know God. You are 30 years of age and still don’t have anything to show forth, you should be ashamed of your salvation.”

I could go on and on with such speech coming from people who are heading some church that could deduce your value of reasoning about yourself, and with such constant words on weekly and weekend, you stand 100% to commit suicide.

But today, I want to talk about the delay game while working out fulfilment to your goal in life. You must understand delay is not always dangerous like most of us think, but if such delay is a means for going through process to learn how things work, and how to improve in your business, career, education and family. Then you must know patience matters to life while you take actions to get.

Is Delay Good For Me?

According to Joel 2:25 says “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. Isaiah 28:16 “Therefore.. he that believeth shall not make haste.”

It sounds funny, but God plays delay games. God does delay things and His people. He does this for a few reasons;

  1. To prepare you, so that you be ready for what He wants to do in your life.
  2. To preserve you from evil ahead.
  3. To give you an advantage within a system, place or situation.

And when I say this, some men who don’t understand how God leads says it is Satan who delays. Then they begin to pray against whatever isn’t there to release themselves. But they forget that God said “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.”

Hear this; Delay doesn’t come from Satan, delays are God organized. And Jesus says “I am the way…” If Jesus is the way, and He said “Satan have nothing in me,” it means Satan cannot hold you or stop you when God says “It’s time.”

The trouble then is on man. You want to go as fast as that other man or woman to prove you’re making progress and you’re not praying or acting right and at the right time. So satan is taking advantage of God’s dealings on you when God has spoken. But progress for the Child of God is not a marathon to see who comes out first, progress is a function of my individual walk with God in His will and plan for me based on my script in Him, not a result of me taking the smart path.

Now, I’ve had at some point in my life a slow-down of outward progress that men can see. And anytime this happens, I had observed that God had turned the picture of my growth processes to an inward focus. I had observed that it moved from physical growth to either my emotional growth or to my mental and spiritual growth. Do you look out for that? No! You just think someone or something is against you.

I found out personally that every physical progress I make always comes after an emotional, mental or spiritual growth I had under-gone which usually takes time. Why? 3rd John 1:2 “That you prosper even as your soul prospers.” Soul First!

Today, I want you to change your orientation about delay. Have a new thoughts about delay to life process which most see as demonic. But know that there is an achievement and also an expected end for you in life.