Understanding Direction

Understanding Direction

Having direction to where you are heading to, is the best decision of making progress in career, business, marriage and education. And if you miss this path in life, perhaps you are not different from those walking according to the law of madness, doing something that contradict their success.

“The law of madness is doing one thing while expecting a different result.” Today, many youths as well as parents live their lives in doing one things. Some are going the wrong direction, being in the wrong relationship, being in the wrong business, going to the wrong school and expecting to get something different as positive.

I still read some adults who still in quote says, “Any way is a way.” That is emphatically wrong!

You can’t be going south, while heading north to arrive your journey; is the law of madness of living a wrong life, and expecting to have equal achievement or more [ prosperous life and good success, ] than those living by divine principle and direction to get to where they should be.

Most times people try to make things happen in their own time, applying strength. But wisdom is the principal thing that beat strength, for by strength shall no one prevail. Those who live without direction never get to the final stage of their success.

It is not because God doesn’t desire them to become a success, but their limitation is because they are not living their lives according to divine direction which is God basic plan for better arrival.

Good evening Friend, Happy Weekend to you! I hope you are bless?

I want you to know your can be living an enjoyable life if you walk according to direction and walk in faith.

Life is a faith walk and knowing your direction.  Believing you are on the right path is a matter of faith. A lot of times, we’re looking for a joint voice to know if we are on the right path of our lives. We are not sure God has spoken or that His man have spoken right. We want confirmations from a higher source or other source.

You must understand that God deals with people based on generation and He set them on a direction for which they would have to prosper, based on assignment, based on growth level, based on nations, based on situations, based on giftings and based on vision.

For instance, if a man of God gives a word concerning your direction in life, and another gives a different word, what we should be focusing on is not why the words are not the same, but rather, you should ask yourself, ‘Where am I, does this word align with my present journey or relates with my spirit, what is my experience with this word, Does it feed my purpose and destiny?

Today, I want to encourage you to always live your life understanding you are not like anyone out there. You are different so in purpose and destiny.

While you daily go after your career or whatever activities that you are engaged in, know God direction for your life.