Understanding Of Feelings And Emotions

understanding of feelings and emotions
understanding of feelings and emotions

Understanding Of Feelings And Emotions.

In understanding of feelings and Emotions, you have to become aware your emotions have a message to be processed through your mind. Understanding the difference between the two can help us change unhealthy behavior and help find more happiness and peace in your life.

Good Day, Dear Friends of Home Articles For Noble. How are you today? I actually love to discuss about ” your feelings and emotions.” This topic is a discussion for you, others and I. Doe I know everyone of us can learn from how you do manage your feelings and emotions if you share your experience with us?

What do you understand about your emotions? Most times our emotions could be hurt, if we don’t understand how our emotions effect our mind which is our feelings, we could easily react to every circumstances good or bad. Sometimes someone can easily predict our reaction to every happening if they can understand our emotion as individuals.

What’s Emotions

Emotions are lower level responses occurring in the subcortical regions of the brain, the amygdala and the ventromedial prefrontal cortices, creating biochemical reactions in your body altering your physical state. They originally helped our species survive by producing quick reactions to threat, reward, and everything in between in their environments.


“Feelings are mental experiences of body state, which arises as the brain interprets emotions, themselves physical states arising from the body’s response to external stimuli. I therefore believe from the above definitions based on research one can understand what differentiate both.

What Differentiate both

mental attitude of feelings and emotions
mental attitude of feelings and emotions

“Emotions play out in the theater of the body. Feelings play out in the theater of the minds.”

In being hurt, understand that your emotions have a message for you to give to those who you think or say have hurt you. Your emotions have a message,to be processed through your mind, your attitude i.e your mental program also have a message which is tied to what you have fed it with and your resolution towards every action. Then God’s word have a message also for that situation you’re trying to deal with.

The trouble is highly emotional people listen and respond from their emotions and end up digging the issue deep into their soul and seek for self pity while using their attitude to fight. Less emotional people go aggressive and want to make the other person know they’re not deaf, stupid or weak to fight. But who is looking at the answer found in God’s Word to act from that state? Until God’s word have gained depth into your subconscious mind and given you it’s way of thinking, you’ll continually find yourself responding from your emotions and feeling from an aggressive stand. Today I believe you can improve on your emotions and feelings by the meditation on God words.

Note – When researching this article I found that there is differing, contradictory even, information out there on the subject of emotions and feelings.

whats the difference between feelings and emotions

Mental Attitude Of Feelings And Emotions

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