Unhappy Relationship Signs

Unhappy Relationship Signs

Unhappy Relationship Signs


It is true that marriage or relationship do not change an individual! They only become more of who they are. Either good or bad, it only gets deeper. I have learnt this long ago that, “there is no big deal in who got married before you.

If you don’t get married now, you will get married later. Don’t ignore dangerous unhappy signals because you want a man to put two rings on your fourth finger. They don’t use those rings to make withdrawals in the bank! They don’t catch late comers in marriage. The pain of marrying wrong is stronger than the pain of not finding someone to marry.”

This days most marriage and relationship in our society are built on shallow reasons before saying I do. And painful enough, there are signs to see if you don’t let the word “I love you” turn reality reasons of why you are about to share your life with someone. So, some do not observe these unhappy relationship signs, thought it was clear enough to walk out of abusive relationship than entering into bondage that expose your life to who you’re not.

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Some hope they could change the individual if they go into relationship, marrying or having children. For it only takes miracle to change an individual, and the individual needs discipline to sustain such miracles. Therefore, If you want to enjoy your relationship and marriage now and in the future, these are unhappy relationship signs you should look at for:

1. If he is or she is verbally and physically abusing you, he/she is not qualified to be a husband or a wife. Break every tie. Let him or her go back to his mother’s womb and get a rebirth.

2. If she/he is cheating on you but claim to still loves and will marry you, cut off with an holy anger. Such individual is a nightmare you need to wake up from. If you can stand cheating in courtship, I bet you, you can’t stand adultery in marriage, run for your dear life. [ Reasons Married And None Married Couples Cheat, & Won’t Cheat ]

3. If he doesn’t respect his mother or treat the women around him correctly, or he sees a woman as a compulsory evil in a man’s life…… babe, you will be his scapegoat to pay for all the grudges he holds against womanhood.

4. If he or she is arrogant and proud. Someone nobody can correct him/her, cut off from such relationship. An arrogant person does not respect authority and such man or lady is always right to whatever offense they commit to hurt your emotions and disrespect you.

5. If anytime he calls your phone, you are shaking in fear for what explanation to give to him, because he is going to ask you to give the phone to the person around to confirm you are speaking the truth.

6. If you can’t talk with any other man and no other man can talk to you or you keep explaining every conversation outside of him, he will make your life miserable!

7. If You feel dominated. Depression can emerge when you feel smaller and less powerful than the person you’re interacting with.

8. You feel criticized. If he criticizes your idea as nothing or berate whatever you suggest, signs are he won’t take them after marriage.

9. If he tells you what to do always. Bossy attitudes are demoralizing. I am not saying you should disobey your spouse, but if he/she always want to tell how to do and what you should not do, you should not consider such relationship further into marriage. The end point is always divorce. Two can only walk together based on agreement and not by control.

The number of years and the depth of effort you have put on a wrong partner will never make them right. “What will people say?”

these same people will still talk when the marriage eventually breaks. This is your life. Happiness is a choice nobody will make for you. Enter your closet, shut the door and ask yourself….”babe, can you do this”. If you either cannot, then take a step and save your future.