Values Definition Count In Leadership

Values Definition Count In Leadership

Values Definition Count In Leadership

Values Definition Count In Leadership.

What best define leadership values? To me, values are great cohesive forces for our identities, and can be thought of decision-making guidelines that help us connect to our true selves. This brings to core values.

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. The guiding principles dictate behaviors and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong, if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals by creating an unwavering guide. There are different types of core values that should guide an individual who want to lead, depending upon the context.

Defining your values will help you figure out what to pursue and what to avoid. You’ll go through life with a strong internal compass. And, personal core values can serve as reminders of what you cherish while in tricky situations where you might be pressured to act according to some other standards. In this way, knowing your personal values will help you stay true to yourself as you move through life.

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Understanding The Important Of Values

    • Values helps a man to chart his/her course (set on a mission being objective minded).
    • Value enable one to picture what is relevant for the future and what is mandatory for the now.
    • Being a person of value enable one to see that life it dynamic to season and time.
    • That things could be easily change when we truly become people of values.
    • Being a person of values means; there are different dimension at which the life we live can be improved, and it is not merely for pleasure, but to save lives; impact and help to see men of no focus to relevant.

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Often, when you hear someone discuss why they fell in love with their other half, they will mention that they have the same values. In this case, they are often talking about core values, or internal beliefs that dictate how life should be lived.

Some examples of core values people might have about life include the following:

      • A belief in being a good steward of resources and in exercising frugality.
      • A belief that family is of fundamental importance.
      • A belief that honesty is always the best policy and that trust has to be earned.
      • A belief in maintaining a healthy work/life balance

Types Of Core Values

There are different types of core values, but everyone will need to choose the ones that are right for you or your organization. It’s natural to want to choose a long list of core values in an effort to be the best you can be, but limiting your selection to two or three helps you focus on your mission in life without becoming distracted.

Here are some examples of core values from which you may wish to choose:

      • Dependability
      • Reliability
      • Loyalty
      • Commitment
      • Open-mindedness
      • Consistency
      • Honesty
      • Efficiency
      • Innovation
      • Creativity
      • Good humor
      • Compassion
      • Spirit of adventure
      • Motivation
      • Positivity
      • Optimism
      • Passion
      • Respect
      • Fitness
      • Courage
      • Education
      • Perseverance
      • Patriotism
      • Service to others

How To Build Up Core values

A core value is only true if it has an active influence and if the person can manage to live by it, at least most of the time. It’s also important to remember that individuals don’t necessarily choose their core values. Many people have these values instilled in them by the way their parents and community raise them. You may already live by strong core values without realizing it. To get a sense of what your core values are, ask yourself what activities bring you the most joy, or what you couldn’t live without.

1. Have a Set of Values that Guides You in Life, so You Will Never “Lose Your Way.”

Knowing Your Values

Have core values system that guides you in life. Like performance-driven values, excellence, diligence and persistence, but also values that are in line with the highest good of humanity and our highest self, like truth, integrity, and honesty.

Do you have a set of core values that guide you? If yes, what are they? My personal set of core values which have been guiding me since 2007 are Excellence, Passion, Courage, Truth, and Authenticity. Truth, to me, encompasses being honest to others. These values, I live by them every single day, every single moment of my waking life. They guide my everyday thinking and decisions.

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2. A person of core value is always committed and not easily discourage by temporal demand. A man of value appreciate positive result in place of money. They believe in positivity that come with achievement. So, to be a person of core values, “stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.”- Tony Hsieh.

Often times people strive to only become successful with the wrong mentality of what they want to achieve in life. In order of obtaining position and no values, to sustain what they might have attained to carry them along.

3. Don’t Lie, Cheat, or Do Anything Unethical. The Truth Will Prevail.
“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” ~ Mark Twain

Don’t lie, cheat, or do anything unethical in the first place if you consider to be a person of values. No matter the circumstance, it does not justify bending the universal value of truth. Nobody likes to be lied to, and the fallout is never pleasant when the truth is revealed. For the trust that is lost, you have to work hard to earn it back. Even then, you may well never earn it back.

Besides, when you lie, it’s already a given that you have make a new lie to cover the old lie. You are virtually signing yourself up for a lifetime of lies. As the Chinese saying, “You can’t wrap fire with paper”. What it means is that the truth (fire) can never be covered up for long, no matter what you do or how hard you try.