Walking Faith Makes Things Possible Always

Walking Faith Makes Things Possible Always

Walking Faith Makes Things Possible Always


Have you for once be in a position to believe by my connections, and those I look up to is sufficient enough. Or have you for once thought I can get the help from (friends, family or wellwishers) always? And when it get’s to time for such people to show you help, it like they blank you out. They even do everything to avoid or associate themselves with you?

They feel you are not relevant to their world anymore, and you have nothing to offer. Well life is a matter of our walking in faith to get what you believe God for even when it’s not showing forth.

The beautiful thing about your challenges, and your faith is that God, through your faith always uses your challenges to alter your perspective.

Walking In Faith With God

To walk in faith with God means to walk by faith, which means we daily live in the realization that we are not and God is. When we were regenerated, God’s life came into us, and now we need to live by this life – firstly denying ourselves, acknowledging that we are nothing but God is everything, and secondly letting Christ live in us! [What Is Faith According To The Bible?]

Faith is always a long walk that first changes your perspective which is how you see and who you see. And God will keep still until your perspective is altered. When your perspective of who and of how things are going to work out becomes fixed on God victory and His glory, that perspective of your’s becomes so certain of who (not man, but on God) and how, (not through your own manipulations), then, it is a clear sign you’re now ready to be blessed, transported and helped by God in that situation that looks impossible.

Somehow, within this process of transformation that faith works within you, some little challenges would show up to try to shift your focus off the main thing. I.e on what is truly important that you’re already believing for and praying about.

Understanding How Faith Works

Once we understand that faith is trusting in God, we are in a position to understand how faith works and to understand the biblical passages that use “faith.”

Hear this; “Do not waste your time trying to focus on the little issues that are arising before or around you. For the little issues would be solved when you get the major one fixed.” [ Quotes About Faith In God ]

Like Paul, we have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer us who live – but Christ lives in us (Gal. 2:20). And the life we now live in the flesh, we live in faith, in the organic union with Christ, the One who loved us and gave Himself up for us.

So, do not bother yourself being distracted by the little issues of lives. For faith is a prevalent force, and it’ll get you out of your situation. That is what I call faith in walk…

Don’t bother about those who have gone ahead by human support or help, they don’t belong to your class or to your recipe. You know that you’re above the system and that you are superior to it and that you walk by a different set of rules and operate from another dimension. See, we don’t fail, we have one way only, and it is of Triumph. This situation will wear out because we’re standing. [ Decisions That Make The Difference  ]