Ways Nigeria Men Bashing Ladies For Easing Out Pains

Ways Nigeria Men Bashing Ladies For Easing Out Pains

Ways Nigeria Men Bashing Ladies For Easing Out Pains

In order not to keep you waiting, I have to go straight to the point from the topic “ways Nigeria Men bashing Ladies for easing out pains.” This days 80% of what seem to be relationship advise online on most Nigeria platform to ladies are not, but as opportunity for Nigeria men Bashing Nigeria women as their newly adopted religion for easing out life and government Frustrations.

Gone are the days when we say women nag about everything, because it so obvious they have been doing some homework to upgrade their standard. This days men are the ones doing the nag online. We don’t have 95% women/ladies that nag online. And secondly from observation, ladies are becoming more transparent about their choice of taste. Gone are the days we ask “What do women really want?” A man who still ask such question doesn’t clearly understood his partner, or he is either dating a slay queen who is rationally under age to have common sense.

It becoming more sick to see Nigeria men come online to nag and complain about ladies and how women break their heart, some may even go further to say all ‘ladies are gold diggers’, etc… I am not a minister of women affairs to give women such credit for their improvements. But honor should be given to any lady who deserved it. But the question is “what do Nigeria men want from ladies?”

It’s a wake up call for Nigeria men to however take their respective position and protect it. Not to make ladies and women who once see most Nigeria men as their heroes now nagging troll/machine. You’ll be amazed if you search on ‘Google’ about relationship topics from Nigeria only to read from comment how men nag about ladies/women. I see this as misplaced priority of men who has thrown away their jurisdiction responsibility and right, as when Men always masturbating on women matters by any means of opportunity, playing the mr.perfect guy, yet so many men/dude out there are guilty of the following when things about the opposite gender accusations. And some of this wrong attribute could be seen from the below list for instance.

– When a lady say she is a slay Queen, Nigeria men go bash am taya say she’s vain and materialistic

– When she is book-worm. They will bash her, saying her sturboness too much

– When she’ born again, Nigeria men will say she is pretending.

– When She’s a virgin they will abuse her to say: “who Virgin EPP?” Shes too uptight ,Virgins are too rigid and inexperienced.

– When She’s not a virgin they will abuse her to say she is sleeping around before marriage.she’s too loose.

– When she is a teen mom, they will bash her to say, she couldn’t use condom.

– When She abort, they will abuse her.

– When A man beats a lady and turn her to a punch bag, rather than tackling the issue, Nigeria men will say she was disrespectful to her husband.

What do you want as a man? Or probably when you finish, you will marry your mother?

In conclusion, let’s be men who protect our ladies from only seeing their negative part, but the reasons behind most of their action. Even if they are guilty, they really do need mental, emotional and logical help. I do not own anyone apology if this really contradict you belief about feminism. Please come with a better points to earn my reply. I remain your Beloved Desmond on Hkitnob.