Ways To Support Your Partner With Chronic Health Condition

Ways To Support Your Partner With Chronic Health Condition

Ways To Support Your Partner With Chronic Health Condition


One of the most challenging things in life is seeing a love one pass through health challenges. Down within you, you really want them to get well. You love to put your faith to work and pray they get well and stop going through the hell of being sick. But while doing that, you also have to know every relationship demands communication, patience, and mutual support, especially when chronic pain and fatigue are part of their everyday life.

Empathy and patience might be common characteristics for many partnerships, but they become essential when one or both people are living with a chronic condition.

There’s no right or wrong time to tell someone about your condition, and you get to decide when you’re ready to share. If you’re living with a partner that has chronic disease, try ways to encourage guidance, communication, and support with your partner.

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1. Educate

Help your partner understand the physical and emotional impact of your disease by teaching them what’s happening in your body and what all the symptoms or side effects can be.

Fatigue is a lesser known symptom of psoriasis, so telling my husband about it and sharing articles helped him understand the outcome of it side effect.

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2. Communicate

Sometimes it’s hard to know what kind of support someone needs. Do they want to be left alone or do they just need someone to curl up on the couch and watch movies with?
Tell your partner what you need and how they can support you, so they know what they can do to help. Don’t leave them helpless or they may even become more heartbroken to them if you don’t communicate your feelings to them.

3. Get them involved

I’m actively advocating for the psoriasis community. They get to meet others living with the disease and understand how they can get going to impacts their lives, but it’s also an incredible way to support their inner thought, so they don’t think less valuable of who they are.

Whether it’s a live event or virtual support group, there are lots of ways to get your partner involved. You could also ask them to attend a doctor’s appointment with you, so they can understand your treatment or ask their own questions.

It may not always be the same, but communicating honestly and keeping the discussion alive will benefit your relationship and ensure that your chronic condition doesn’t come between you and your partner.

All relationships take hard work, and when you add dealing with a sickness, it makes it ten times more difficult. While you are fighting the illness, the pain, and the fatigue, remember to also fight for each other.