What Are Personal Boundaries: How Do I Use It

What Are Personal Boundaries: How Do I Use It

What Are Personal Boundaries: How Do I Use It


Do you feel it is important to set boundaries in life? Or do you believe boundaries are modern pattern of enslaving yourself of being socialize. Well, boundaries are also part of life growth, because it makes you know the consequence of life before or after a consequence.

Most people don’t feel boundaries are important, because they do not have a full understanding of freedom, for freedom doesn’t mean lay off all boundaries. The word boundary in the dictionary is define as “A line determining the limits of an area,” and another good definition is “The greatest possible degree of something.”

When your boundaries are respected, your core human needs for safety and belonging are met. You feel validated, communicate effectively, and take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and behavior, creating a basis for self-trust, confidence, and psychological thriving

Types of Boundaries

Boundaries are split into categories: external and internal. You’re likely more familiar with external boundaries, which include setting limits around our time, bodies, and personal space. Understanding external boundaries is simple because they’re tangible and clearly visible.

Internal boundaries, on the other hand, pertain to our mental and emotional worlds. These intangible limits regulate how we think and feel. In other words, internal boundaries toggle what information we internalize, the perspectives we take, and how we choose to act. Because they are invisible, internal boundaries can be easily neglected or forgotten, yet they are no less crucial to our well-being.

Now know that boundaries helps us to understand there are principle to everything in seeking life pleasure, relationship and associating with things or people.

God’s Boundaries For Our Lives

The Lord likes boundaries and definition. Because within them, things are being well organized and properly understood. That is why at some point in your life, He’ll begin to talk to you about setting order, placing things and putting people in their proper place or role in your life. [ God Guidance: Do I Need The Leading Of The Lord Daily? ]

To letting them know who they are and where they belong in their connections and dealings with you and you maintaining that boundary and understanding.

Do Satan Hate Boundaries

Satan doesn’t like boundaries. He likes dis-order, he likes dis-unity, he likes things, habits and character that is not restricting, restrictive and uncontrolled. So, you can identify him as flirtatious and un-willing to change or get into stability.

That is why if you observe a lot of person’s, they just want to have the good life of not being accountable to a person, to a particular job, to a particular church, to a particular career, to a particular relationship or a certain path.

They just want to keep floating and flirting around. And they get old with nothing tangible or achievable to show in their life because of in-stability.

Satan is having a filled day in and with their lives. Now watch this; While God doesn’t like dis-order and non-defined paths, purposes, decisions, or relationships, He isn’t restrictive to growth and expansion.

He loves growth and expansion, and they’re one of the hallmarks of His purposes, power and presence in a person’s life, destiny, relationship and career. But only within the boundaries of order and definition does He brings growth and expansion. [ How You Can Discern To Grow ]

Today, if you’re in a place that you’re just living in without a purpose, in a career path you’re not sure of, in a job that has no bearing or spiritual and physical addition to your life, in various relationships that you keep jumping from one lady or guy to another calling it “having security or a back-up plan, and tasting who is better in whatever,” you’re truly not ready for stability, growth and expansion, and that is why you’ll keep going round circles. It is time for order if you tend to grow.