What Is A Mentor And How To Find Your Mentor

What Is A Mentor And How To Find Your Mentor

What Is A Mentor And How To Find Your Mentor


Most people still ask what is the important of a Mentor to me, when I am man enough to make quality decision on my own and do things as it pleases me. Some are still searching on how do find a Mentor. Well, most of us don’t know we already have a mentor.

Perhaps, this is because they want to hear God in person speak in voice so they can believe they have someone seeing over their affairs of life. But if you are still trying to figure who is your mentor, this post can better help you to understand “what is a Mentor,” and how you can have good benefit of a mentor to your life, family, education, career and business.

A bless and fruitful day to you! I see you making progress in career, business, family and all that concerns you, and I believe after reading this post you’ll find that mentor that God has place in position for.

Today, I’ll be focusing on what is a mentor and how you can get a mentor. This is because one who lacks a mentor learns things in a hard way that are easily or technical to learn. This is because ignorance could be part of it, some is pride, and some don’t know how to get a mentor.  Because no one see over their affair, nor counsel them about some certain decision which may be crucial to whatever they want to do.

What Is A Mentor

Surrounding yourself with well-chosen mentors can dramatically change your life. A mentor is a person or friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors.  [ Becoming A Ready Man For Leadership ]

An effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of the mentee.  Having a mentor is one thing, and how to make usefulness of your mentor is also a wise choice that would enable furthering your career and financial status or by enhancing your personal or family life.

It’s like a teacher-student relationship, except that you have the benefit of one-on-one tutoring. And the big bonus is that you normally don’t pay for the lessons, what a deal.

Three Way To Find Your Mentor

Here’s proven three step method to help you enjoy the considerable advantages of mentorship:

1. Identify The Target.

Select one specific area of your life that you want to improve. There may be several, but for the purpose of getting started, choose only one. Here are a few ideas to growing your business, sales, marketing , hiring excellent people, preparing financial statements, learning new technology, investment strategies, accumulating wealth, eliminating debt, eating and exercising for optimum health being an excellent parents, or doing effective presentations.

2. Select Your Mentor Candidate.

Think about someone who is exceptionally experienced or talented in the area you have selected for improvement. It could be someone you know personally, or it could be leader in your industry. Maybe it’s someone who is recognized as a top authority on this topic-a well-know writer, speaker or celebrity. Whoever it is, make sure he or she has a proven track record and is truly successful.

3. Create Your Strategic Plan.

If you don’t already know the whereabouts of your proposed mentor, how are you going to locate this unique individual: and when you do, how will you make contact? The first thing is to realize that you are probably never more than six people away from anyone who you want to meet, including your new mentor.

I believe this post is helpful to you, and hence for you won’t find it difficult in locating your mentor. Remain bless and have a unique day. I am your Friend and brother, Beloved Desmond.