What It Truly Mean To Keep Your Spiritual Batteries Charged

What It Truly Mean To Keep Your Spiritual Batteries Charged

What It Truly Mean To Keep Your Spiritual Batteries Charged

Have you even taught for once of a soldier who would want to practice the use of it riffles when the enemy is at is camp?

The end story of such would only become a sad story. And funny enough many people still live  kind of lives, waiting till they are hardly hit by the winds of life before they get to put on their Amor.

No, it ought not to be so. Don’t be like the people who only engage in prayers only when they’re in some form of trouble or predicament.

To Keep Your Spiritual Batteries Charged

You ought to get your spirit charged at all times by spending time in fellowship with the Lord through prayer. God wants you fired up by the anointing ever before you hit the streets, so that when you come out, you’re already dressed with the power of the Holy Ghost; drenched in the unction.

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If you love to read the Bible, You would notice in 1 Corinthians 14:4 says, “He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself;…..

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It took me the pain of becoming completely un-energized in my spirit to finally realize that our spirits don’t stay charged, but actually it is like a phone or car battery that needs daily charging to stay strong, active and to walk aright. This is true on every level.

But one of the things I realized also is that Christians allow their spirits get so drowned and weak that they begin to look for a word of inspiration and power to charge them up, forgetting that even the little charge that that inspirational word gives us will not keep us beyond a day.

So, the preacher becomes a person speaking a strange language or thought because we aren’t tuned on in our spirit. But be careful also to observe that the very thing which will keep the believer charged is on his or her own body i.e his mouth, and the language that builds that fire in their spirit which is the spiritual language of tongues is neglected, and you hear him say ‘oh God, strengthen me.’ but he has the power within and on him. And it is either he hasn’t been taught it or is knowledgeable of it, but too tired and in disciplined to use it.

For if you will only set sometimes apart to listen to a word that will stir you up and then set another time apart to open your mouth and speak in the language of the Spirit given to us of God, Strength would begin to be stired and built in your spirit, so that after some hours or minutes of that exercise, your spirit would be set aglow and on fire for it’s activity, indicating like that phone battery that you have been well charged and ready for use. Glory to Jesus! It is time