What Money Can’t Afford (Understanding The Foundation Of Purpose)

What Money Can't Afford (Purpose)

What Money Can’t Afford (Understanding The Foundation Of Purpose)


What Money Can’t Afford (Understanding The Foundation Of Purpose). – How do you handle money goes a long way and tells about your financial educational life. Because most people believe the reason, they are poor, broke and not being able to get out of their brokenness is because they are not in possession of large money like most privilege wealth men.

You too hear things like “the reason I am not a millionaire is simply because I don’t have million to fund my dream goals to aim my purpose.” While in reality the ability to become wealth/rich is to create wealth from nothing that follows up your dreams – purpose. Knowing that after dreams comes next are goals. So, success can not only be seen in dreams; but also obtainable in reality through action.

Good day friends, today I’d love to change the mindset of many that held me for long, but thank God I am changed.  In the society we are today most of us still think and believe with a huge amount of money we can become wealthy. But how do you explain a situation of being privilege and still cannot change the fact of being poor in the mind?

This is to say, money in the hands of people alike Tallmadge has no money problem but vision and Idea problem. Unfortunately, having more money most likely would not help anyone who lack a healthy psychology of wealth, and the decisions that will cause them to founder no matter what amount of money is involved. [How To Make Money ]

I once read a story of Tallmadge who at the age of 29, In 1988 won what at that time was the largest jackpot ever in the Arizona lottery: $6.7 million, and was being paid $335,000 each year for 20 years. Eventually he lost every penny. Tallmadge later acknowledged, “They gave me enough money to get me into trouble, but not enough money to make me rich. I made some mistakes-very, very expensive mistakes.”

According to Shanna Hogan of Times Publications, when Tallmadge walked into a convenience store to pick up a bite to eat and check his weekly lottery ticket, he had just a few dollars left to see him through the next two weeks until his next paycheck. She described the scene: “the clerk routinely inserts the ticket into the machine to see if it’s a winner. The machine immediately begins playing a happy tune. ‘You can’t cash this here. You have to go to Phoenix,’ the clerk tells him as he hands back the ticket. ‘All the numbers match.’ ‘What?’ Tallmadge says in disbelief, examining the ticket”

Tallmadge was a winner, but not for long. He wasted no time starting to spend. Upon receiving his first check, he quit working. Next, he went shopping and bought a new Porsche 199 Carrera convertible and a Rolex. Then he took his immediate family on a trip around the world. Afterward, Tallmadge enrolled Northern Arizona University, where he met his wife.

Sometime after graduation, he and his wife moved to California, where they bought several houses, including one of the beach. Tallmadge’s first problems involved California income taxes, so he and his wife moved to Florida, which has no state income tax. There they bought two more beach houses.

Tallmadge had also experienced one of the common drawbacks of suddenly coming into a large amount of money – a deluge of people asking for help. Tallmadge, the requests from friends, family members, and even total strangers had started within hours pressuring him to exchange his annual lottery payments for a lump sum payment at 40 cents on the dollar. He eventually gave in and took one of these lump-sum payments. With that money, he invested in several gas stations, which soon failed.

In 2005, while battling with the IRS over back taxes, Tallmadge filed for bankruptcy.  The Arizona Republic quoted him as saying, “I entered into the big shark pool, and I was the little minnow. The lottery did change my life. What I did with it afterward was the problem.” His wife is not the main breadwinner in the Tallmadge family, and he is  stay-at-home dad. [ Why Real Money Sometimes Don’t Equal Real Happiness ]

Your Money Relationship And Joy

A lot of people are unhappy with their life for various reasons. They attribute it to a lack of money; then they get money and they think everything is going to be perfect. But in reality, the more money you make the more aggressive you’ll become about so many things you don’t want to spend money on.

Your perception and beliefs about money is why you feel sad when there is no money, why you spend without plans while with more money. And to why you thinking saving your money is wiser than investing your money.

Decisions In The Absence Of Money

What are you really striving for when you strive for a prosperous life?

The wealth you seek today – the future is all in your ability power of imagination and intention. This means, when we think of a goal, it become imagination. When we act to achieve it, it’s the intention of deliberate success.

Success comes from making good choices and decisions in difficult and good times. This is to say;

“when we are face with crisis in our lives due to the absence of financial buoyancy at the present phase of life, when it seems success if far from reality to where you want to be; it is not time to hold back and blame everyone for the current predicament. For it a time to invest on ourselves and move forward as individual or as a nation. For these are the most important time when we must have the courage to take some chances and to step up and seize opportunities wherever we may find ourselves.”

But if you want to experience prosperity, you have to keep moving ahead doing what you can with passion.

In conclusion,

The Choice of your life with or without money can contribute to measure up your inside value to reflect on the outside. When people remain poor is because their choice of money is low and easily controlled by the absence of money. Because that is the power of the poor to see money as their rising point to get to where they out to be. So, money is the poor man’s mindset to discern it dreams to come to reality. While in reality, good guidance in choices, plans, goals, positive mindset, consistency, perseverance and recognizing the place of your maker is what makes rich/wealth out of nothing. If you see ahead of what money can give, and what your dreams can achieve.

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