What To Consider Before You Employ Your Personal Assistance

What To Consider Before You Employ Your Personal Assistance

What To Consider Before You Employ Your Personal Assistance

It is true that a big business requires more hands, and if you are in a situation where your business is expanding and your role in the company requires you to focus better, a great to handle the expanded workload is to hire a personal assistance. If you find the right person, your business will dramatically change for better, guarantee. So, let’s take a closer look on what to consider before you employ your personal assistance.

First who is a personal assistance? A personal assistance is not a receptionist, sectary or someone whose duties you share with two or three other people. A true personal assistance is someone who is totally dedicated to you as a business head, or any required position. He or she is brilliant at doing what the task you don’t like to do or shouldn’t be doing in the first place. The role of the personal assistance is to free you from all the mundane jobs and stuff that cluster up your week. Their role is to protect you so to enable you focus entirely on other brilliant activities.

Why A Personal Assistance

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The careful selection of a personal assistance is critical for your personal health and business growth. So, why you need a personal assistance you should first take a list of what you want from a personal assistance. Because selecting the wrong person means to only compound your problems. And if you have considered to have a personal assistance, there are five (5) major qualities to look into, which are:

1. Look for someone who is closest match to your idea profile. Usually the person who is the closet match to your idea will do the best job.

2. consider someone positive. Some of these factors, such as attitude, honesty, integrity, previous track records and so on.

3. Don’t select someone with equal potential just as you. Remember want someone who you can do much better off or someone who can be more experience and skillful than you. Hiring a person with same likes and dislike as yourself will probably create bigger mess.

4. If you are a controller who won’t let go things easily, it is essential that you surrender to your personal assistance. Controllers typically have a mindset that they can do things as well as they can. You don’t want to be contesting with someone who you employed to assist your workload.

5. Look for a personal assistance with a better organization ability and a passion for working after details.