What You Can Learn By Being Patience


What You Can Learn By Being Patience

Do you know that many times life want you to learn before we take on a leadership position that would decide our competence? And this can only be possible if You learn to be patient and while learning what you need to obtain a good and positive leadership skills and character.

Good morning, Dear Friends. A bless week to you! As you take further steps in achieving goals in your family, career, business and activities may God enable you to win always. [Are You A Patient Or Impatient Person?]

Take a pause! Have you always been in a position that whatever you do is always seen as mistake, (the blame life)? And such language is commonly use if you are never patients to anything, such as: ” if I had known I wouldn’t have done so.

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You see, our creator “God” does not want us to function in such place in our lives. However, If we want to become a leader of noble personality, we need patients.

What Patience Does
◆ Patience wants you have clear insight about a direction. How patience have you waited to build yourself for that job, career, business, relationship, sustaining wealth even when you’ve not gotten it presently?

Those are the question that should guide you while playing your part to achieve your leadership role in life to meet your demand.

◆ Patience gives you time to access all the information you need. And this can only be possible when knowledge is acquire, and experience is gained. In as much experience is not the best teacher. When we have learnt how to become patience it means “waiting on God words, Knowing His will for your next move.”

◆ While learning to be patience, you will come to know that patience tell you can’t solve all your problem on your own, because you have to lower yourself in your own estimation. i.e instead of taking things to your hand trying tirelessly and pridefully. Become aware that God rules over the affairs of men, and we should be humble enough to submit and humble ourselves before God and He can assure you the right time.

◆ Patience tells you to be obedient. I can tell you how obedient can truly elevate any human who do seek change. Because I have tested both part being and not being patience. Along which I made errors why being disobedient. And after a long walk struggling with what direction to take next, then I learnt that God has rule and principles that is applicable to the standard of who we become in life. For if you ever want to lead, you must be trained to be patience.

Today be patience to learn, be patience to your action that has long life advantage and disadvantage patience in business, be patience to achieve the out come of your harvest in careers and profession, be patience with your friends and family, as well husband be patience to you wife, and wife be patience with your offspring, be patience with your boss. Be patience to attentively listen to your creator (God) while succeeding in your life.

I am still your Friend on Daily Inspired and counselling on Hkitnob, with Beloved Desmond. Do have a wonderful day winning…