When To Say Goodbye To Sick Love, Relationship

When To Say Goodbye To Sick Love, Relationships

When To Say Goodbye To Sick Love, Relationship

I once listened a cool music ‘goodbye my lovers,’ sang by James blunt. The song actually talked about someone he loved but gave him several reasons to let go. Sometimes when you consider this year’s love to better last, someone could just be kidding with your heart. This makes you to better understand human love could fickle when it been built on no purpose to direct, impact. For it lead to obscurity in relationship. But in whatever ways you have learned about love, ‘’There are no mistakes, only lessons’’ if you Learn when to say goodbye to sick love, relationship

Love grows daily and reality blossom the hidden characters. Just like when one is completely in love and the others is strategizing break up. Hmm… this could be so disgusting. But as you have to know; there is relationship we ought not to keep! And at such time when one realizes this, it’s best advisable to follow your instinct.

Then you’ll let your heart follow where to let love guide you through. For love is never enough to go a long way to sustain a relationship. You exactly have to know when to be in love, how to love, protect what you love, and invest to grow the love you’ve begin. Even if we know some persons are deceitful, then you could tell when they don’t really love. For here are 7 things to best determine when to say goodbye to sick love, relationship

1.Pretending to love someone you don’t

Why do You love the person you claimed to love? This question becomes necessary in real life if someone should take responsibility to love you. Sometimes I get to blame people when they don’t ask such question when dating. When you do this, you’ll see the passion from his or her eyes that reflect the truth in their heart, the character of their temperament if your question sound silly to their judgment. So, such reply you get tell if you are in for something to hold on to but don’t be naïve to find your direction in relationship.

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Love isn’t blind, and when people becomes blind in love to see realities of life, it obvious the sense or reasoning it been knock down. Love is a feeling you cannot hide it expression. And dating someone who cannot publicly associate themselves with you means you are in a temporal relationship which would lead to breakup. Get your feet of such union or association.

2.When sex becomes the only reason for dating

Love in not all about sex! Even if it’s the most major reasons why some guys and ladies want to date to have experience. I don’t know where this generation got such impression that makes them portrait sex as love. And you hear such question like if you love me, can we have sex. Well they got it wrong. Love build on sex last based on the pleasure your partner get from it, when it no more arose them, love fade off. And that is why most partners can be remorse, even when they cheat (infidelity). You being in such relationship means you are riding on a rocking chair which you may have to stay the rest of your life trying to compete with your spouse not to cheat… well such relationship and love is not worth fight for. Find the closet route to mend your life.

3. When a guy or a lady keeps too many opposite gender as best of friends

Hmmm there is fire on the mountain, when it becomes not conducive. Some could tag you as being jealous and obscure. I once read a quote about a dude on the internet sometimes ago, he said; ‘’the only male friends my fiancée is allowed to keep as best or friends is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost.’’ Such sound funny right? Well I won’t judge him for having such perspective.

The fact is he could have had bad experience or something that taught him morals. One thing about such people who keep opposite gender as best of friends can find it hard being devoted because they are always unfaithful to respect your affection and hurt your emotions, and most double date. I am not even comfortable when I care about a lady and she have a male as her best friend outside me. Don’t date such a lady guys. Let her go date her best friend. It will save you the trauma ahead if you take my word. A word is enough for the wise.’’ So, keep off from such people, they could as well waste your time.


4. when your relationship is considered to sustain based on your (Income/asset), not even your impact to she/him

When do money becomes the priority to determine when you sincerely love somebody? Even if money become important in a relationship we know that should never be the first agenda to love someone except the word ‘Love’ in your vocabulary is defined as, ‘LOVE THEM FOR THE MONEY OR WHAT YOU CAN’T AFFORD’. I laugh to see guys who becomes victim not because they didn’t see it coming, but because they thought they can change a lady’s attitude of an ideology carried on for years thinking she you can simply change it with months of “ I love you and you look perfect.”

You may have to live the rest of your life in misery, pains and regrets based on their choice of material decisions and cravings. If someone would have to love you base on what you have, be rest assured they won’t be patient when things become tough. If a lady claims she loves you because you have a nice car, such love is not real, cos it will surely fade off. And if a dude said he love a lady because of her appearance and curve, then be rest assured that when she turns out from sweet 16 to sweet 29; blown up in size and the curve has turn to belly fat, such dude will always want to cheat because his focus was based on appearance. To save you self, run from such people! They are destiny killer and fun seekers.

5. Dating a violent person hoping She/he will change

What association or union of love and romance do sheep’s have with crocodile’s? I’ve read numerous case of violent act in relationship and I felt sorry for such people whom may be victims of such life. I also try to imagine how come you never stop dating such people even at realizing he/she is violent.

If you know someone is consistently violating your right and emotions, please do away from people and break yourself from such relationship. Cos anyone in such relationship has 25 percent to survive life, but if you enjoy what you get and say I can’t leave him or her, hmm you may leave the life you consider not useful before old age. Avoid stories that touches the heart.

6. Do away from people who can’t really defined what they desire from a relationship

From my experience here in Africa young ladies fall into this category most and few men from age 18-26 thought we also have some men who are aged, but deprived themselves to wisdom that comes with development. They’ll start becoming responsible and wise in relationship aspect at age 27 to define relationship and identifying what matter most in life. Dating a lady below that age of their maturity stage could lead you to heart breaks. Simply because they don’t know/understand what they want. For the dude don’t let any lady sweet coat you they understand relationship and what it is all about.

I repeat, they don’t! their most decision at that age is based on society influence, peer group influence to have fun. They lack experience and even with knowledge they believe in the now. But there are few exceptional ladies out there, rare and most of them has issue to resolve with pride. So, you are a young dude, focus your all strength to become a success and make money. Know that making money won’t balance relationship, but it put you in the position to make life comfortable to meet the needs of those you care about looking up to you, and when you are settled to date.

Don’t go into relation to put a lady into suffer if you have got nothing, she may care but there are chances she may give such love to another who has the competence to meet their financial needs. And if you want to control her, they will have to condition you, thinking they are free to love another who has what they seek. Don’t put your life in a state of feelings depressed and regret.

Such people would want you to execute a task before they show commitment and passion they love you. Dating such person would even consider you as ‘’Optional’’ to why they should date you if you don’t meet their expectation. Such persons could only devalue your esteem and personality and run you down. I forget to tell you they cynic in nature, who can never be satisfied. But if it happened you are married to such person, try to manage them, but if in a relationship you know what is right to your taste.

7. Do away from people who have no direction about the future

LOVE do not make people responsible neither does it make you decisive nor knowledgeable. Neither will love give you a vision to trade on. Don’t date a dude or a lady who has no plan to where they are going. Your life is worth more than you consider. You can’t date someone and give them a dream!

You can only help cultivate the vision they have in them. I mean do away from individuals that do not have purpose of their life, not even in a relationship with them because they are heading nowhere. For they won’t want to handle responsibility if it happened you both ended up being married. A lady with no vision  could have nothing to give to your growth than sex and children.

God helps you if she has the disciple to nurture your offspring. A lady/guy who date to get rich has nothing to bring because their minds are not trained to see things differently. A husband/wife to their definition is elevation from poverty. Sure, you don’t necessarily have to marry from the rich as a dude, background do not make people, you make the life you want but you have to be committed to something that can improve your life career to have achievement success. Hope this help you stay away from what I call sick love and relationship?