Why Discipline Is A Universal Culture For Distinctive Leaders

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Why Discipline Is A Universal Culture For Distinctive Leaders

Frankly Speaking, the world has it definition of success, but if you however want to become a grate leader, a role model and megally prosperous you need discipline in your day to day activities to achieve your destiny.

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Every Great Leader today is a product of discipline to why they are distinctively different ! It a principle that governs the ‘Earth,’ that enable you to live your purpose by rules and laws. Taking away discipline from a man’s destiny, and what you have is destitute and highly rebellious.

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There’s is no distinctive leader wherever there is no discipline. Discipline gives you a sense of responsibility to go through a process of life if you ever what to attain a course. Discipline is the custodian of destiny into your future. You don’t have a guarantee to arrive at you destination where there is no discipline.

Discipline is the universal culture of every great leader… it set you on a path to follow. Its not enough to have a great vision, if a man lack discipline his vision cannot correspond with his purpose . A leader without discipline may arrive his destination, but inability to sustain discipline will however bring him down.

Discipline is not a gift of the Holy Spirit its a mental culture you must cultivate. I said this to bring to your understanding that the Holy Spirit can however not stay in a Christian man/lady who have no discipline; For God is Light and in Him there is no darkness.

What is Discipline?

Discipline is simply about following laid down laws and rules, either constitutional laws or laid down principles that governs the all of nature . If you hate rules, you cannot be a ruler. If you hate laws, you will end up low! These are principles of discipline .

Discipline may also be seen as doing what is appropriate than to what is right to your own understanding. In your journey to destiny, beware of what you like, submit your self to doing what is required not what you desire.

Today, if you stand to be the future hope of your family and Nation, dare to be a person of discipline. Such as; be disciplined to stay off crimes! Be disciplined to stand for what is approvable to God (Your Creator). Be disciplined to vote the right leader. Be disciplined to be distinctive to what process you may go through to achieve your course in life and fulfil your destiny. Be disciplined to be reliable without dubious act in business. Be disciplined to build on your dreams and achieve your goals! Be discipline to have good success. Discipline is mandatory, It cannot be given as a gift and it cannot be sold. It a culture you need to develop your mental attitude to become distinctively different.

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