Why Real Money Sometimes Don’t Equal Real Happiness

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Why Real Money Sometimes Don’t Equal Real Happiness


I have heard people say they rather be happily poor than to be rich! And to some, it is the reverse of the above statement.

That comment sound strange because I have tasted what it means to be poor and broke, neither have I admire and want to stay, or pray anyone to experience such! It is not a place to either become happy with life.

However, I want to remain wealthy! Even if I have not reach the peak of wealth if it’s to be measure by assets and achievements. For happiness is a decisions not based on real money but how you approach life decision and dealings.

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Good Day, Dear Friends. Happy Weekend! For I see you making impact and making progress, increasing your financial strength! Amen.

Take a break, try to mention what you do think can buy you the amounts of ‘Happiness’ you demand if the worth of it can be measure equivalently to money?

You can drop your answers in comment section. I’d love to read your reply, to as-well learn from your wealthy experience. [ Time Value Of Money  ]

Money is useful to everyone in our daily activities and goals achievement, but as useful as it is, it does not bring the happiness or joy to live life happily even if you want to be more secure financially by minding your own business.

It is more easily to say money can bring happiness to a poor man who sees money as the only root to get the pleasure, afford luxury to live his dreams from what he thinks money could buy.

How you understand money and how you spend your money are two contracting point of view that goes a long way, but how you allow it influence your feelings determine how successful you can control money even when it is not sufficient.

As quoted in rich dad between the beliefs of the Rich Dad and the Poor Dad is that, “The lack of money is the root of all evil!” Said the rich dad, and the love of money is root of all evil! Stated by poor dad. This simple tells how money can actually control men attitude, either by how they react when the subject of money is mentioned or when it is not available.

Today too many people believe that contentment come from Money and the material possession their money can afford, or position of power. But they are not the contentment either. If you think they are, remember the words of John D. Rockefeller. When a journalist asked him how much wealth was enough, the millionaire, who was at that time one of the world richest and powerful men, answered, “Just a little more.”

For example, some parents say, “When their child get out of elementary school, they’ll be happy,” And there they are – for a while. Next, “when the child graduate from secondary school, they will be happy.”

And they are, at least for some period – Next the child’s marriage; so does the birth of the child’s first child. But the problem with such people is they have not learned how to be happy between the happening. William James said “The greatest discovery of our generation is that we can alter our lives by altering our attitude.”

Think about that! It is your thought life, not the money or circumstance that determines your happiness.

Like the words of David who said, “I will bless the Lord at all the time: His praises shall continue be in my mouth.” Happiness doesn’t consist in past times and amusement but in virtuous activities. It is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.

I sincerely encourage young Men and Ladies out there, don’t be discouraged. No matter what happens to you, a positive attitude comes from within. Your circumstances and your contentment are unrelated.

I encourage you to build your happiness not on what money can do even for your maximum love for it, but it should be from the decision of what you see life from a positive perspective. Stay focus to ensure you decide what rule and determine your happiness.

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