Why You Need A Healthy Mind

Why You Need A Healthy Mind Than Sex

Why You Need A Healthy Mind


The mind is the center of creativity! The will to exercise your mind is what makes you more human and not as that of robot’s that function by codes programming language which gives us the privilege to choose, decide, make laws and execute task.

This days, you may hardly see people sell their services without not associating it to s*x. Down to the Banking sectors, and you are tempted to ask why banks in Nigeria or other countries are actually recruiting more female folks into the banking sector than the male folks.

I sincerely want to ask if most of this ladies are actually employed to become a banking prostitute to sell their bank services, rather than to create a platform to sell what they provide?

S*x is a gift from our Creator (God), and for marriage purpose. I can say ‘s*x’ sell, sure it does. Is simply because people stick more to pleasurable things that reduces mental capacity, than to that which increase their mental prowess.[ How To Make Your Mind Work For You ]

Good Day, Friends. A Bless day to You! I see you developing a healthy mind and using it to improve your world.

Today, I’d love to turn your focus to see the important why you need a healthy mind than s*x as the society painted it in the twenty first century. For an individual without an healthy mind may likely suffers the consequence of mental derange. This is why we see youths from my county, Nigeria will likely do anything because of the value of money is more important to do anything to earn it, rather than doing anything to improve their mind to become healthy.

The mind is the most powerful tool beyond what you assume it to be. And how it being use is what determines the outcome of what ideas and creativity you gain. To which in long term will determine how you’ll end up simply by the programming you have input into your thought.

Just as a computer, that if you put in 0 + 0, the outcome answers will always be 0. Garbage in, garbage out. What you feed into our mind becomes the reflection of what you have, in the inside of you. So, if a man lies, cheat, steal, and have no self control is what he has trained his mind to become. Simply by his character that has probably become an attitude.

Life is build with many thoughts, learning how to build your mind to function consistently to it capacity and purpose of your being requires you have to train your mind for critical reasoning, attitude check, Bible reading and reading books with logical thoughts.

Many have only trained the mind to relate to temporal issues, and pleasures. But how competent the mind is, is more than what most think. The idea of the present Apple Computer is all reflection of someone’s idea from the mind.

The mind has the capacity to travel and searches for ideas, when it been trained to think logically, and find information to develope or discover solution. Simply re-quo a scripture from the Bible which say; “This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind. And be renewed in the spirit of your mind.’’

It’s said a crime is first committed in the mind, before it can be practically manifest out.

And such questions is why do most youthS masturbate?

Why will someone who think she/he is okay mentally would consider a doll as s*x mate or spouse?

This days, why is s*x selling than education in Africa?

Why the government pay more for entertainment show or live band in Africa (Nigeria) than sponsoring education?

This are question we need to ask yourself, if we most develop the current state of Nigeria and other countries in Africa to get move forward…

This is because most of these people have painted their mind to focus their all attention, strength and energy to see life from one point of activity pleasure.

We can make our mind as powerful like we desire when we learn to give it the positive training it demands. Like uses it to think and search for hidden truth. And in doing so, we must first kill the word “Impossible, I cannot, it’s too difficult, It doesn’t have solution.’’ For all such words is a statement that put the mind to sleep.

Just like pressing your tv power off, it automatically turn the screen to blank, so are such words to the mind. In conclusion, You should train your mind to be the best for what God give to you.

Today take a newer strategy of learning the power which the mind is capable of generating and being able to execute the intent of the mind, and then you can start appreciating why You need a healthy Mind than S*x, or any of what will deduce you. You will succeed!