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Write For Us

You Know something we don’t? Or are you a Blogger, a passionate writer and want to impact others develop your writing, do you wants to share your experience, ideas and thoughts to the world? Then there is no need to worry, you’re at the right place to get/satisfy your attention!

Hkitnob would be interested casting a spotlight on the important stories happening in your country.

Before You write 

  • Be as concise and specific as possible
  •  Your information will be treated as confidential
  • Your name won’t be published on the website unless you agree to it
  • Remember we have a focus that will interest many
  • We cannot guarantee that your tip-off will turn into a story – and we cannot respond to every tip-off received, but we will evaluate your information and contact you for follow-up.
  • If you want to send us a tip-off about a potential information pertaining to the category of niche, big or small, you are welcome to email us your information.

Benefits Of Writing On This Blog

  • Your post will be exposed to our valuable readers Worldwide, which comprises of Bloggers, top Entrepreneurs, Business Coaches and other Viable Readers.
  • Your post will be promoted on our social media handles, which include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • your personal links will definitely be promoted, because we allow our writers to send links to their Blog/Websites, Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  •  Your post will remain on Hkitnob Online for Life.

Here Is What Qualifies Post On Hkitnob

1. Your post should be at least minimum of 400 words, and avoid abbreviation of words/spelling
2. Your post must be Original, It must not be copied from any Blog, Website
3. Your post must be related to any of the following: Business – Online Biz/Entrepreneurship, Daily Inspired/Counselling, Blogging Tips, Job & Vacancies,Relationship or any related article.
4. Make sure you try to reply comments on your post if Approved.
5. Include 2 personal link, either a link to your Blog, Facebook or Twitter account and a short Bio about yourself.
6. Send images along with post, but in a situation of none, Our Editors will source for a perfect image to suit your post.
7. Guest Post are Unpaid
8. We reserve the right Not to Publish any Guest Post that Doesn’t meet our Guidelines.

If you are Interested In Posting on this blog, Then Send your Post in plain text (No Attachment please) to: HomeArticlesForNobles@gmail.com

User Disclaimer

All information on Hkitnob are based on informational knowledge at a time. And can be proven (right or wrong). So you are solely responsible to whatever you post here on Hkitnob.

Hkitnob Site Rules

Any form of content that is morally and socially abusive, such content will be delete by the admin. We do not allow any form of the following misconduct in our service in order to inspire your day on Hkitnob. Such as:

1. Adult content
2. False information
3. Insult And threat
4. Posting topic/comment outside it topics.
5. Asking someone for personal and potential information.
6. Imposes threat on any registered members.
7. Spamming thread.

When any of the rules is not maintained, we have the legal right to act speedily

Yours sincerely:
Hkitnob Management.