You Can Be Distinctively Different In Process

You Can Be Distinctively Different In Process.

“If everyone of us should act the same, sense the same, have same perspective and attitudes towards living our lives, then God would have been comfortable with creating robot’s to dominate the earth, rather than creating man to dominate that which He has created.”

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Most times we are inspired by Noble men/women to act like them, but the creator has a purpose and a vision for everyone on earth in as much anyone could be elected to lead. You have to be distinctively different to flow into your Destiny. You can not be Mr. A and want become Mr. B. You can be inspire by Mr A, but dare to be the man God has destined you to be. This means you’ve to be distinctively different.

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A good example of someone who is distinctively different was Joshua in the bible. Joshua was however inspired by Moses, trained and disciplined to be a leader. But he was different from who Moses was. He had to pass through several process in the wilderness to be the result of that which God has promised him. And that is the process most of us has to pass through.

You have to go through, and pass through every life wilderness to be distinctively different. For in such process you can find your role in life and what you’re inspired to become, by your purpose in other not to live someones else dreams as yours. Joshua wouldn’t ordinarily think he would become God elect to be a leader to head over the affairs of his people so has to lead the Israelites to the promise land. You may be inspired by your biological father, mother or anyone but you ain’t going to be them.

You have a distinctive purpose that has a process… Such process are your boring days in the wilderness; your days of loneliness if you’ve no one or any connection in your life, your days of training to master what are important to your purpose and life journey, your days unstable waters. Easily tossed by circumstances, emotionally broken by what could happen. Your days of laying your foundation that you may have to scale through what are seen as the hard times. Your days when it could be as not colourful, these process has to re-priortise your life.

Today if you find yourself in that situation where you’re in the wilderness of your life, where no one to inspire you, you have to dare yourself and build a life to be distinctively different. Your hard times are not the end! Find your strength in these process to keep you ahead. No matter what in your boring days of process believe in God that you have to pass through such process to be refined, unperturbed, impregnable to be fit for your life purpose. No matter such process, keep yourself focus that you may find your true purpose out of the wilderness of life.

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