You Can Have Foundation Of Great Believe

You Can Have Foundation Of Great Believe

Good day Beloved Friends. A bless day to you! I sincerely believe your life will take a new turn today.

How do you model the foundation of your thoughts, to that which you believe?

• The mind re-generates forces that become the strength of your action that when it is positively use, it ideas are coherent. This implies with believing and action oriented, you have the ability to fulfill your God destiny.

• Believes should be motivating enough to awaken your dynamic strength, and having the courage to take action when you believe.

In the Bible there is a story of two spies who came back with positive reports, that proves them to be people of faith. Victory conscious, unperturbed and loaded with words of triumph with the ability to overcome giants. Their names are Caleb and Joshua. They had been with the Prophet of God, Moses. They had seen giants but were not afraid to be subdued by height and strength. They had wonder too many days in the wilderness to be satisfied among failure, so rather than coming with negative reports; they brought back excellent reports irrespective of the circumstance ahead. The bible simply classified them as, “men of great faith”. This was as the result to what they believed they could obtain.

You know there are different types of things most people surely believe on, but according to the definition of ‘believe’ from the wordweb, it stated it as, “Accept as true, take to be true.”

What foundations have you constantly build your life upon that constantly shapes your thoughts? The inner man of the heart which is the real you. Are your inner thoughts build on a solid foundation of great believes that reflect victory, or is it thoughts that expresses your weakness?

For anyone could say I believe, but when challenge whelm up, can you make this same believe enable you to overcome the obstacles of life. This is where your believe test your faith in practical knowledge of your thought.

The Important Of Great Believing

What we truly believe as an individual matter a lot. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. What a person gets to first believe is what truly determine their phase in whatever view they may get to appreciate about life and it nature. Believes are dynamic! that re-generate thoughts that consciously or unconsciously influence the mind. The mind re-generates forces that become the strength of your action, that when it is positively use it ideas are coherent. This implies with believing and action oriented, you have the ability to fulfill your God destiny. For what the heart does not believe, the mind will not accept and the mouth will never get to speak about it. Words come from the abundance of the heart.

Why Does One Have To Believe?

Believes do actually framed to be our belief. In as much life it a matter of applicable choice that becomes decision, we don’t have to induced one forcefully to believe what we do. And if there is an alternative to what one should believe, then your believe should be with God all things are possible. For in life, we have to become men of great believe in order to live life triumphantly always and having the right words to carry on. For what we believe is what become our savior, for that alone can make one attain any height of achievement.

Can I have A positive Believe

The foundation of positive believe is built from positive thoughts. Where do thoughts come from? This is to say your thoughts can come from God, the devil or what you see, and hear. Having a positive believe which comes from the intake of positive thoughts. Anyone wanting to live a profitable life style in all ramification of life needs to work more on what they firstly believe. Today we have all the opportunity to make it happen, for it is what one will have to decide on his or her behalf. Having a positive believes simply means we don’t have to wallow in fear as our defense! We must have assurance of what we do believe and act upon it. For if a farmer gets to believe that if he plants crops and will have an harvest, then he has an assurance to where he is heading to. Same is applicable to believes; it should be motivating enough to awaken your dynamic strength and having the courage to take action when you believe.

Disadvantage Of Negative Believe

Negative thoughts as well as negative believes depreciate one values to life. I’d love to say there is much to life, but first you have to change the believe system from that of a negative believe, For the only way a man can see positivity in rigorous situation is when your believe has been refined.

For no matter what goes through the mind it is imperative to be aware we are more than conqueror! That means to have a great foundation of believe and doing that which determines practical action. We are not meant to live our life by what we probably may feel or see. But holding on to that word of assurance that could help build the foundation or the thoughts that may have limit you from reaching what is in the now and the future.

Lastly, it is important we build our lives with the right believes of what we want to become, the life we want to live. For circumstance to life are temporal; but what we believe about, what we do want to believe becomes an internal force to create change either positive or not.